The Emerald Isle’s a Crock of Gold

Scott Roberts

The Isle of Erin, the Hiberno-English derivative of the Irish word “Éirinn”. “Éirinn” is the dative case of the … Often, “Erin’s Isle” was used. In this context, along with Hibernia, Erin is the name given to the female personification of Ireland. The land of the wee leprechaun Ireland’s greatest archetype. If you can catch the leprechaun and keep a hold of it, he’s got to reveal to you his crock of gold for your taking.  Now, Eire, Ireland or Erin has been the birthplace of many a great man and woman, and long may she reign. The years of late have taken their toll though. As the youth now need to consider a life elsewhere. Somewhere where they’re not on Ireland. Anywhere, while the homosexuals pledge for paedophilia and the mixed raced and non indigenous parade as the prize of the Jewish Central Bankers.

So, why did the natural way of nature become a thing that needed to be stopped, when for eosn and eons and eons the world has been in transit. Well, they’ve just found gold in Ireland, and hear me out here. The history, or pre-history of the Irish people en masse, the Celts and their Aryan cousins from the Europid Race demonstrate many, many anomalies in the “Official Narrative”. The Book of Kells is one such anomaly, where pigments used in the inks are from flowers not known in Ireland, but from places Europids must have been in contact with. Link. The area of study involving the Europids have been massively undercut when it comes to finding out more in a seamless way via the internet.

These few strands of knowledge that are even enough to cause utter uproar when it comes to any claim by the people who continue to stem from the groups belonging to the Europids as Europids, even today. So, the Jew meets his nemesis. So, tell me why is it that the natural mineral resources, that of a precious metal, being gold, are not counted toward levying the people’s debt. When we watch this video, as presented by Jew Tony Robinson, who claims that even just one hill can yield hundred of billions of gold. Yet, where are the returns for the people as they scavenge, budget and die from not less than child suicid,e full prisons, causing suicides in prison, and a ruck of abortions amounting to God only knows how many young babies that never left the womb. Link.

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