Our Cetacean Stranding


As the obnoxious, vexatious and poisonous governments wield the weapons of covert war as funded by their backers the Jewish Central Banks. So, the people are left in a strange atmosphere that is like life turned on it’s head. Cetean Stranding is the term less commonly used for beached whales and dolphins. I’m using the analogy to highlight how the “rich and powerful” are thick in the mix of orchestrating everything by way of manipulating love energy. So, apparently for the last 35 years child suicides have been on the increase. Now, all of a sudden Kate Middleton is the one set the task to “do something”. Well, what’s she going to do that is different to what’s going on? Link.

I’m no fan of the Israeli lackey Oban of Hungary, but he’s just announced to the women folk of Hungary that if they have four children then they’ll be void of levy on income tax. So, why aren’t the rich and powerful of other European blooded nations promoting similar things when the demographics show rapid declines in our numbers? Where are the SJW’s waving the banners to rally European blooded people to have the unborn souls welcome on this planet? Why are the drugs still flurrying on our streets, as well as others? I know the priorities of governments wield terrible axes when they want regime changes in countries other than their own, yet, when it comes to stopping street pedlers of death, then it’s Keystone Cops on acid.

It grieves me slightly that while gun deaths also increase in UK, and only because of drugs which have replaced industry. Why isn’t the US trying to lobby the UK to unban guns and make it legal for open carry here. We’re like sitting ducks, unprotected and lined up. SOS!!! On a quick note, birds and animals have Royal patronage in UK, but children don’t. The RSPB and the RSPCA are both royal institutions for the protection of birds and animals, but no such protection is available for children.

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  1. As to Hungary, the Hungarian people suffered terribly under Jews in the 20th century. They had to rise en masse to end the murderous regime of Bela Kun (Cohn) and his Jewish murderers in 1919. Then, the Jews came back in 1945 with the Red Army and again brutally oppressed the people.

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