Fool’s Gold – Play the fool, rob the gold


The Fool is never thought to be wise, but playing the fool can be a strong strategy in so many ways. The Jewish forte is to play the care-free dolt. The one who is aloof and at the whim of everybody else’s will, usually for persecution, according to the Jew. What a lovely arena to be playing everyone in, where you have the game won by virtue of creating the rules and policing the rules with bullying. Somehow the Jews have managed to get on the side of Julius Cesar, William the Conqueror and Vladimir Lenin who actually is a part Jew. I found an article on a Jewish website describing how it was forbidden for the information about his Jewish ancestry to be known. Link.

Nowadays, the list is pretty much endless when it comes to mainstream politics in any country where the Jew can be found pushing Jewish interests and only Jewish interests to cream the profit off of the slave Goyim. Link. Will the Jew be allowed to continue to play the fool, when the full stack of cards can now be seen, and that their position is a contrivance for benefit and advantageous positioning? What insurances are the people given that their 1000% Pro-Jewish MP’s are going to take on board their matters at hand, while the Jews see to it that their hegemony is maintained at the cost of everyone else. Link.


  1. The Jew only plays the fool because he doubts the Messiah. This and only the words of the prophet, Isaiah, can I be certain of as I go through my daily labors.

    1. I noticed Rabbi Shneerson was supposed to be their Messiah, but he died and nothing happened. The idea of a Jewish Messiah is a misnomer designed to misdirect those who call them out as Godless and without conscience. The idea of conscience is not one that sits well with them. Everything they control they control without conscience, like banks, media, Hollywood and everything in between, they have truly subverted everything. Even DARPA has a Jew in the AI dept. There is nothing secret from the Jew, they know it and play every ignorance they can, before they phone the Rabbi to fix things. As Rabbi Hier, the Kushner family Rabbi said at Trump’s inaugaration. “By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept when we remembered Zion”

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