Luciana Knobloch – Charlotte Berger


The best way to put down rabid dogs is to put them in isolation away from harming people, then put them to sleep. This puts them out of their own misery from highly infectious diseases that make them foam at the mouth. Now isn’t it something that both Charlotte Knobloch and Luciana SBerger are both spouting the same direct poisonous vitriolic spew that is allowed to be covered by Jewish periodicals without challenge from our own politicians and Jewish ran media? That’s right, no it isn’t. Not when Eric Pickles joins the fore to shout down the beautiful bouncing baby nurtured by Jews and only Jews for their attempts to cover their mass crimes in abuse depravity on children. Whether it be by psychological warfare techniques in the classroom and the unnecessary “teaching” of homosexual bedroom activity for children from the ages of 4 years old.

Why are these Jews allowed this tandem platform on the political spheres when Knobloch recently said that the Jewish led AfD(Alternativ fur Deutschland) Party cannot be trusted until it is wholly Jewish. And of course when they open their mouths to spew their crap, then they create for themselves the perfect “Platforms for Pogroms”. Throughout history Jews have never done anything wrong, yet have been baited out of every single European blooded country for exactly the same reasons in every case. Worse, it’s virtually impossible in these Jewish Bolshevik times to set in stone that they are indeed a malicious, unscrupulous and conscience free mob. Link.

So, now also Knobloch is in the English speaking press, along with her counterpart Jewess Luciana Berger, “The Cuckoo of Wavertree”. Obviously the gaps are now wide open as the bloggers, vloggers and independent media sources uncover the endless shocking lists of Jewish puke that gets unchallenged by political parties. Link.

So the Labour Party becomes the equivalent of an AfD punchbag for Jews to create their shadows that the shadow boxing public are left to go after. Would anyone miss these publications if they were shut down? Would the return to a non Jewish parliament situation be of value to the non Jewish majority populations? How about the business links, the political lobbies, the charities and the virtual blackhole of every Jewish benefice bestowed upon our rapidly declining economies, such as the High Street shops, Cottage Based industries, Creative and Imaginative endeavours that seek to prosper outside of Jewish led internationalist cabal token appearance of industry. Link.

Who can hold their hands up and say that there is fairness when it comes to the Holodomor for sympathies, oh no, the Jews will monopolise that for their grand lie. Well, again the cat is out of the bag, and the “poor Jews” are left holding the hot potato whether they like it or not. Guilty as charged!!!

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