The flood of Jews to Britain after the 1905 failed Russian Revolution


1905 wasn’t the first failed revolution for Jews, in 1849 the German Revolution failed for them, and caused self-hating Jew, Karl Marx, to come here. Lionel de Rothschild had the laws changed to accommodate his appearance now as the new MP for the City of London. So it’s a busy 55 years for Jews to get their ducks in a row to set about their global zionist plan linked to their already failed plan to raise some sort of Jesus Christ character as some sort of debtor making payment to them via their claimed Abrahamic Covenant with God. Or, as they say G-d. The setting up of these failed revolutions does take it’s toll on all concerned, and what rewards they bring amount to tens of millions of dead bodies for continued mafia business for the world’s largest death cult. Link.

From those Jews who arrived at the time, the failed revolutionaries, some of their off-spring adorn the Houses of Parliament today. Such Jews as had followed Marx, Trotsky, Lenin and Schiff to America to held form the Federal Reserve Bank, by way of the Federal Reserve Bank Act of 1913. Link. Aren’t we so privileged that these poor Jews grace us with their presence and their all night dancing and celebrating, while remaining completely behind the scenes like good Jews do. I’m so certain they’re not up to their usual tricks and are wholeheartedly pulling for Britain now. Like good citizens they’ll be forming part of a minority voting block to be lobbied, and of course the rabbi’s at the synagogues they don’t attend will be on hand as the perfect insurance. Oh, how they suffer. Link.

as uk

Is it simply the job of Parliament these days to sit around drinking tax free booze and cheap cigs on the payroll from the Jew lobby’s to protect all their interests, or can they claim expenses too? If anyone’s following the Greatest Shoah On Earth, then you’ll be well aware of the 6 million in all manner of forms, from the mid 1800’s to the actual non existent endless cash cow currently standing at $80 billion from Germany. Everything to be read about them is virtually all chutzpah. They do admit to their crimes, but it’s as if they don’t exist at the same time. And, they don’t because hey, that’s their belief and no one has the right to mess with others beliefs, right?

It even took them a mercenary, Oliver Cromwell to find a way back in, where they’ve entered illegally. They’ve set up a puppet government, called the Rump Parliament, which seems to still exist. Then with their Bank of England Act signed by their choice for King, they’ve ran the whole show in UK since 1656. Now, isn’t it a point that nations have certain treaties with each other to help when being invaded. In all my life I’ve never heard of such a treaty to help England being kept from Jewry. Ergo, the whole of Europe must’ve been under the Jewish yoke as this rag of a page I’m about to link describes. Link.

Now, I’m not sure I fully understand every twist and turn of the history, but I know a polished turd when I see one, and parliament’s full of them right now, and being funded by them too. WAKE UP WORLD!!! Link.




  1. That;s great research. I did some study on Sharon Tate and her career and subsequently death at the time of the Beach Boys (((phenomena))). Great work Shadowless Noir and thanks for your comment.

    1. Yes, of course I am interested to read it, I’ve opened it in a new tab already. I watched Fringe, by Abrhams, about the parallel world’s colliding, all because of the character played by actor who played Spok. My friend told me he’s soon putting out some great new research regarding the possibilities of Jews spreading anthrax all over Europe, which became known as the Black Death. There is a huge question mark currently being drawn over the official version of the (((Bubonic Plague))) The Jewbonic Plague if you ask me. The six million bionic plague. They are the world’s largest death cult, and they took anthrax and smallpox to America I’m sure of it. The ship carrying the fungus that started the Irish potato famine was carried from Mexico to London on a Jew owned ship, so extensive research is very much suggesting. Also, Lionel de Rothschild was battling to get Jews into the English parliament at the time, because Jews, and not converted Jews, refused to take the Christian Oath. Right, I’m heading to your blog now, thanks so much.

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