Inception of the Jew

Remember your McGuffin

Since Judaism is touted as being an ethnoreligio thing, then why is it that it’s so difficult to match their claims of inception as a race. When Jacob became Israel, Abraham the father of Jews, alledgedly, was around not until after Babylon was destroyed by Jews and Jews claim to have been in Egypt, yet no mention of those great big huge buildings called The Pyramids in the texts. Where the hell where they, out to lunch? While it’s most likely true that the Holy Bible is pointing out the Jew when it comes to pestilence, famine and the usual well poisoning tricks of the Hebrew nation.


The mongrelisation of purity is now held aloft by them to aspire to, while racial purity is not only not allowed to find it’s own way, it’s physically knocked as being some sort of seed of evil. Judaism would be wholly laughable if it wasn’t so bloody. Jews attack people’s minds in all manner of ways. They’re well strategically positioned to do so. Think back to when you was a young child growing up and the movies, tv dramas and even children’s cartoons depicting war and savagery. From bombing to mutilated bodies, the Jewish lantern, the TV(Talmud Vision), has been layering and layering stacks of information that even adults should not be exposed to. Yet, every child has watched the atomic bomb mushroom as some sort of macabre initiation into the world, like a Jewish atomic baptism.


The very thought of an impending doom has ruled this planet in a covert/overt paradoxical manner as if our nightmares were but a hair’s breadth away from reality. Yet, in reality the fallout and aftermath of a dystopian situation has been glossed over by the mad monkey Jews who again attack the mind. By using a hypnotic technique called fractionalisation, the Jewish attack on the mind is peppered through time. This is their way, as they know they’ve set themselves into the positions they have for their gains. Who can stop their chutzpah based method of tainting purity with poison, when purity is merely a fashion begot by purity.


The world is upside down, but not in reality, merely by construct. I’ve written about it a lot before, and I’ll reiterate that in understanding directions of construct then one has to know up. Like Lionel Ritchie’s Dancing on the Ceiling… it’s all by design to mess with your mind. It’s a far cry from reality, but it’s how Jews make Jewish heroes for their own pocket filling and keeping entertainment a closed shop. Link. Probably most people didn’t know Lionel Ritchie was a Jew, well, it’s sort of true, which runs also true to form when it comes to being surprised about who’s a Jew. Link. First there are a few complexities about what being a Jew is. Link. So Vladimir Lenin was not known to be a Jew until 1990’s, also most people think Karl Marx is German, or how about Sigmund Freud, German? Wrong! Jewish. So, while Richies family tree does not show him to be a Jew outright, he’s married one making his off-spring Jews. Link. He’s singing for them and sending money to the IDF soldiers. Link. How Jewish does he need to be? I’d wager he’s more Jewish than say Ivanka Trump by those stakes.


Let’s look at another layer of Jew, Bob Arum, a greater cheat one could not wish to meet. The man has his moral compass set to money, and if anyone doesn’t pander to his Jew money loving ways, then they’re cancer, a psycho, they just ain’t right, and here’s the proof. Link. Pretty embarrasing for Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather here when he’s soundly beaten for all to see, yet the Jew on top of the scorecards scores the fight exactly in reverse to what the experts had said, and even they’re Jewish. Link. So the layers stack and stack on the unsuspecting mind, while all along basing the judgements of actions of other by their own non Jew values. Remember that movie about Tina Turner always getting beaten up by Ike Turner? Well, turns out Ike’s a Jew too, along with a whole list of “Black” Jews you never knew. Link.



The Inception like dream world of destruction doesn’t end there, it goes on and on, as proven by these links. Link. Link. Link. Link.


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  1. The Biology of the Jewish Problem

    “The most depressing thing about the impending disaster facing Western civilization is the almost total lack of resistance on the part of those who will be the victims of the disaster. The men and women of the West, as if entranced or under the influence of some mind-numbing drug, not only are not doing anything to avert the cataclysm which lies ahead, but they are positively falling over themselves to aid and assist the engineers of that cataclysm in bringing it about. The murderer asks us for a knife with which to slit our throats and the throats of our children, and we hand him one with alacrity and enthusiasm, apologizing for not having done so sooner.”

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