National Solutionism

The Church at the centre of the community for people to worship and share an environment dedicated to gratitude. Obviously it is the Jews number one target to upend our social structure of harmony and perpetuity.

Evolving politics in today’s nation states count on the continuation of a simple formula of control orchestrated on the people by those wielding powers beyond the scopes of their public office. Show me a power where laws can be subverted by foreign enemies interests and be allowed with free will. Show me a referendum series on actual things that matter, and I’ll show you corrupt governments, national and local, by the score, if not all of them. As Marx wrote about communism, it will take the whole world to be under the yoke of communism for it to work. As Trotsky said, Trotskyism is in fact pure Marxism, which means force communism onto the masses. As Meyer Lansky said, who do I need to pay around here to get things done.

Like a venus fly-trap the sweet nectar is the lure, and the payments are the sweet nectar for the union members in this Jew driven economy of Jewish Central Banking. That is the communism right there, and as with communist nations before, now their aims are higher. They want to rob everyone of a life, strip them of their equity and have slaves from their children born without power. So, what are the responsible householders options when hit with problems? Go fix the problems of people thousands of miles away? Bring them all into a broken home? No, the responsible householder will tend to his own problems, fix the fountain or well. Fix the leaking roof, gather enough food to sustain life. Work for goods and commodities to allow comfort and luxury to be enjoyed.

As communists and Antifa will tell you, all property belongs to the state. So, who would the state belong to? Why would the responsible householders wish for their life’s destinies to be ran by people who prefer to be hooded and masked? Why would the friendly hooded masked Antifa mob care for your welfare how you want it when they refuse to show their face? Let’s look at Duginism and Strasserism, two ideologies that appear to promote solutions via the method of problems stacked against us without solution, or solutions. That’s their solution, no solutions or solutions. So, where does that leave the power of solutions for those willing to breed solutions into society, either by politics or other?

Let’s suggest that the ballot box wasn’t rigged, ok, so we can vote for crummy politicians on the take from the Jew banker mafia. Does that seem like a solution? We can depend on the incoming voting block brought here to be targets for crummy politicians on the take from the Jew banker mafia. Would that really work? The people who are coming from war torn countries attacked by the same Jew mafia banker politicians who profit from arms trading, diamond mining slaver, child trafficking for prostituting and other wicked industries that offer no solutions, but further problems. Is that an option for solution? Well, the Jew banker mafia politicians on the take tell you it is all day long without needing to answer any inquiry by the ones paying for it.

I’ve been noticing how the Jew banker mafia newspapers have been changing their tacts, as no one reads them, and the independent writers who point out about Jew banker mafia, which is all those who follow Judaism in whatever form they do. And they do, for the money. It’s a bona fide privilege for the minion to be on the take and support no solution. These are the options the Jew banker mafia like to put up for offer, it’s the Jew options, or out. Who can trailblaze a means past the Jew banker mafia? Link. Are the local problems the ones that spread outward, or perhaps local problems spread from Jew banker mafia influence to be set upon a society in need of breaking.

Prepping Colombia for the oncoming waves of political uncertainty via cocaine production first started in Chile. ISIS anyone? 

It’s seems to me to be perfectly clear how Jews subvert governments by removing the former, and often the people’s choice, to set in a crackpot murderer who is well groomed for anarchy and chaos. Who prints the news shapes and moulds the societies collective conciousness. Who controls those that print the news are the ones who wish to remain out of the news for their crimes are numbered long and dastardly. Link. As with the Israeli backed Netflix, named after Netenyahu, so Narcos paints the picture of Kissinger with Pinochet to establish the facts, but doesn’t harp on it. Instead it sets about instilling into the minds of the people that the people’s hero myth is a journey fraught with traitorism, untrustworthiness and not something to fight for. Yes, this is all true when you’re left shadow boxing and the monkey on your back keep bloodying your nose.

The Jew, running the banks, the newspapers and governments, and much more, will never appear so powerful in public life. It’s the art of war tactic, yet, lo and behold, who can actually get past them? Who can step on their toes when it comes to offering interest free loans? It’s not even a thing, outside of Japan who could only offer interest free loans after the dot com bubble crashed. So, now Japan has struck up the deal with EU for trade called cheese for cars, and with it opens up the financial markets. So, where is the national solution to an international problem created for nation states to have no solution? Is the solution in your hands? Is it in the hands of the soon to be neighbours from far off distant lands coming to a town near you from war torn countries to vote in winning solutions? No, the way is in togetherness, agreements on how things can work. Such as farming, manufacture, industry, technology, economics and infrastructure.

Can the world sustain disjointed politics and clown like acting from a vicious enemy hell bent on the destruction of hierarchical order that must be formed in order to get anything done. Hierarchies are never set in stone, but I certainly would yield and follow those who know more than me when it comes to putting things right. I think we’ve followed no solutionism long enough, and the ripe solutions is for National Solulutionsim. Is it really that hard for people to want to have a better life? Link.

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  1. Trump “Loves” Putin xxx

    Trump controlled by Mossad – Part V –

    “Maybe it’s just another coincidence that the Jews new puppet leader in Donald Trump is surrounded by a Cabalistic cartel…Business as usual !!…. Can one be as naïve as to think that it is normal protocol for nominated world leaders to dine the night before their inauguration with the chief Rabbi of the nation. Having donated (machatonim) his daughter (entrance fee) to the tribe, Donald Trump’sinauguration was like a bar mitzvah here…. In Obamas case, on one occasion in 2015 unconstitutionally had to remain absent to allow the Israeli Prime Minister BenjaminNetanyahu address the US congress, and all told received 25 standing ovations from a full house of ‘boot lickers’ like he is some sort of global superstar here…… Then we have Theresa May the new unelected premier of Britain and Conservative party leader. The night before her inauguration she too willingly sucked bris to lock Jaw here…. here….here…. taking her orders to feign the EU/EJU exit.. Britain, having been injected with decades of ‘conscionable’ politically correct/multicultural policies will now be allowed to self destruct while she continues to hypothecate away our assets to Jews occupying Saudi.”

    “Trumps Jewish son in law Kushner is already arming up the false Muslims ‘Jewish House of Saud’ in readiness for their Novorossia hemisphere policing. Meanwhile terrorist Israel signs £2billion arms deal with India. In fact maybe it’s just another coincidence but Novorossia is where US president Donald Trump and his JewishChabad have been comfortably amassing real estate for decades. This is all safely secured in his/their (((BRICS))) bank account (indemnity). Yes once again ‘banking on the gentile’.”

    #patricklittle #littlerevolution #killerculture #antizionistleague
    #antitraitors #HolodomorInfo #ScottRoberts

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