Made Free Of Interest


Jewish methods of doing business have been recorded through history as being of the most vicious of kinds. From Shakespearean character of Shylock, to Dickensian Hard Times and Bleak House. Hard Times is a novel that follows a classical tripartite structure, and the titles of each book are related to Galatians 6:7, “For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Book I is entitled “Sowing”, Book II is entitled “Reaping”, and the third is “Garnering.” The Holy Bible, now titled The Bible also had a character who brought about a new testament which also pointed exactly at Jewish business practices, from the Temple to the Court.

Our Jew educated minds have been poisoned almost beyond reproach. It’s as if we’ve never know a world without Jewish insurgency being acted out as friendly allies. The question of Nationalism is never something Jews will put into a positive perspective, unless of course to serve their own ends. They will try to suggest Nationalists free from Jewish influence will become some sort of laughable medieval type mad group of neanderthals. When nearer to the truth they are the blood thirsty vampires loose on our streets after identifying who needs to be killed or paid off.

It’s to the point where I barely even have to write about the ridiculousness of their mortgage loans with interest payments to be made first as being the Jewish Shetar. I’d definitely expect people who read this blog to be 100% up on that, as a start point. Today, UK has announced that £9.2 billion worth of remortgaging loans have been given out in just a month. And it’s a 22.2% rise on last year, and more loans than were given out last month. How many loans can these banks make exactly? Are there any regulations on how crippled the country can be before the banks are allowed to collapse the place through bankrupting us?

While the Goyim readily lap up the crumbs off of the Jewish bankers tables regarding “Brexit”, the biggest scam in town. Then who is accounting for how long such borrowing can be sustained for? Where, again, are the checks and balances on a boom bust economy? Is it that the bust side is checked and balanced and we all need to vote harder once every four years? Where is the party that rallies under the banner of Interest-Free Mortgages for all via National Banking to be paid back in labour as contributions of value to the nations economy that can count for something?

What world will the children inherit when houses were relieved from public ownership for interest laden mortgages to be sold on the High Street. I used to live in Seville, and amid all the beautiful buildings on the main drag, the banks own 17 of them, yet they did no business whatsoever in 2015. How are the banks allowed to run care free with all the capital they wish to loan out, using our own national currencies, and all designed to sink our countries into famine, pestilence and more… HOLODOMOR!!!

Post The Dot Com Bubble Crash, Japan has survived on zero-interest loans. Now with the “Cars for Cheese” the Jewish Bankers will be (((Allowed))) to charge interest on (((Loans)))

YOU’VE ALL BEEN WARNED!!! Enst Zundel Day 27th Jan 2018

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