Two Israeli Child Prostitution Rings Busted In Colombia In Six Months


As the worldwide mounting pressure on Jewish ways of life uncover what Jews actually do in any society, so we find war torn Colombia arrests two separate child prostitution gangs from Israel. Colombia had banned Jews going there in the 1930’s, as the 7,000 of them who had recently arrived were nothing but trouble. So, after World War 2, the Germany friendly nation was lined up for what became the Israeli Netiflix Series ‘Narcos’ by way of arrangements made by Henry Kissinger and Augustine Pinochet. Some 80,000 Jews landed in Colombia in the 1950’s and we’re all seeing what result that dark underbelly creates.

The first Israeli gang was headed by an ex-soldier back in July amid arrests, this time there are more arrests of Israelis as sex tourism for paedophiles was their commodity. Finding out the minds of Jews will bring around the facts to who they are and what they do. Menachem Stark being one such prime example, he was found dead smouldering in a dumpster after two pimps he’d crossed decided his time was enough on this planet. Following are the links to the stories of the gangs arrested over the course of the six months. Link. Link.



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