Israeli Born Treasurer For The Tories


Oh, the list is always long when it comes to who’s linked to Israel and Jews in UK politics. Considering as per Lloyd George’s forced resignation from his collapsed and first Labour Party government, now taken over all but in name by the Co-Operative Party. George was found collaborating with the Jewish Bolshevik Communist Revolutionaries who raped and pillaged an up and coming economic giant in the form of Imperial Russia. It was George who took away the British support for the Russians fighting against the foreign Jewish Bolshevik Communist Revolutionary enemy. Further, it was blood spilled by Jews using Britain as a horde to deliver the Hellstorm on Germany, which is yet to go to trial for War Crimes, yet fits ALL of the criteria for it. As does other Jew Oppenheimer’s atomic attacks on Japan. Yet, here we are unwravelling Jew after Jew after Jew in the thick of British politics, but not from within, but from it’s financing.

This Israeli born Ehud Sheleg, who is based in Shanghai is an “Art Magnate”. So, why is he involved as treasurer for the leading ruling party of UK politics? Are there no checks and balances on this kind of thing? He certainly keeps the same company that his fellow Jews keep, and up to the usual antics. Vote harder Goyim! LINK.

Saj Dav
Said to be the next PM for JUK, Sajid David, securing his running fighting for Israel
May booze
Childless leader Theresa May dictating the future of JUK for Israel


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