Where are the Heroes? – An ode to Adolph Hitler. Rest in peace.

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Adolph Hitler – Orator

We live in the times of no heroes. Stripped of our way of life, stripped of our dignity. Only true men can recognise the injustices of the criminals who are depleting our every resource. Thick are the excuses of men and criminals to justify criminality, but shortsighted, nay blind is their vision. Where will their justifications lead us as our everything is totally destroyed and cast into the winds of time.

Where are the defenders of our faith? Gone and left is a quagmire of tokens for churches. The women not knowing, nor caring for their men to bring up their children in wholesome and stable families. The men whoring, gambling and drug taking will nilly of any consequence to the greater good. Where is that binding of our people that brings forth one great hero among heroes? Where is the spirit of our soul manifesting and harmonising based on shared outcomes and interests? Yes, there is thievery, yes, their is rape, yes, there are murders and abortions in ever greater numbers, but where are we being aimed by the leaders of crime and politics, for they have became the same.

What spark becomes the catalyst to allow our depleting numbers to take forth our destinies into our own hands and nurture everything we can positively bring to and for this world and the people who are deserving of our efforts. The job markets are scant with meaningful jobs, as is the high street scant of meaningful shops. Gone are the days of sustainability and stability for the family unit. Indeed, the idea now of the family unit brings about reactions of scorn and inevitable failure due to political pressure on the weakened population. Is it good enough that our lives are stripped of the great value that we’ve been brought up to contribute into our society for the benefit of our people?

What kind of terrible monsters are being hired now by the horrible monsters in control of our planet? What are their aims in fact? Why is it that so much focus is set on hate, yet the ones stealing everything dictate to the press the narrative? Where is the freedom of speech that at least the Americans do well to acknowledge being worthy of fighting to protect? Where is the sanctuary for every man woman and child to enjoy their own lives in their own lands for the benefits of their own people’s? Rest in peace Adolph Hitler, your contribution to a greater world for great people to enjoy great thing is recognised and acknowledged in these times of piracy and plunder. And let it be no measure that the times now have become so bad, as you yourself witnessed during your time, that you are any less of a great hero due to the low bar of standard to be great among that pitiful time thrust on the world. That world that became victorious through endless bombings of a country bullied into submission because of the bully like cartel, for there’s only one, of this world, and it’s mentality is genocidal in every respect.

What of the next ten years, the next twenty, and hundred or even a thousand? The way this mad crew who are currently in charge are going the whole planet will be ravaged with vanity, that deadly sin. Eating itself by breeding such an ego across the board that bombing each other will be a pre-requisite to exist, and only exist, for that is not living. Are the truly gone now the times where people would dance for afternoon tea? To sing for joy and contentment in pleasing surroundings that are by design beautiful and encourage a standard of beauty that is maintainable when willed. Finding more and more about the measure of how far removed we are from normalcy is always a shocker, but being on this journey of inevitable revolt or die, then headlong into the future one must go. Following the calling to rise and gain the controls of the nation to stand for something other than demise at the will of others! Bring forth the future, let us see what it holds.

Dedicated to the Great Hero Adolph Hitler who together with the landslide victory showed us what true democracy is about and how the fruits of labours can be shared to the point of abundance from dust. As the Weimar Republic was crushing the potential of life at that time, so the country rallied for a better future, and was bombed by the Bolsheviks and their allies to crush that sacred notion of International Law, Self-Autonomy and Self-Determination. I salute you on the anniversary of your death, your new bride’s death and the death of what was then once an idea for greatness that was obliterated by it’s opposite. National Socialism appears to be living on in the hearts of some of the people, those who seek to know what it is. They find that every cornerstone of it’s philosophy is organically positive for a nation’s social structure with beauty and art at it’s beating heart.


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