Politically Correxit

We’re told to be law abiding, while the lawless ones ravage the place and leave a trail of destruction with “Follow the Law” emblazoned in the wake. They talk about being fair, but they’re never fair. They talk about being equal, but they’re never equal. They talk about integrating, and they never integrate. When they walk their walk, then we get their talk. It’s politically correct to follow the victors wishes. None dare speak up when no options appear available from the benevolent ones.

How many lessons do we need to know such devilry is abound from the top, and only from the top down. None from the bottom up can, or would not dare, to attempt to influence against the ivory towers. That’s right, not one, but many, small populations in concentrated areas, accumulating to massive swathes of locust like destroyers all over the globe. There’s no statute for political correctness, no democratic vote or referendum to agree, or disagree. Who would vote for it when given the opportunity? The newcomers who act as the new voting block for the Zio-Marxists(Cultural Marxists)  If the Cold War has ended, then hell has frozen over. The only difference between the Cold War we’re told about, and the actual one in play is the participants. Apparently the nice communists all went home to be politically correct, while the uncorruptables, the crapitalists all become aligned with communist views to wave that flag of freedom. Yet freedom is chained, and the emperor wears no clothes!

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