Windrush – Once they were Whites

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By breeding Africans with Irish, English, Welsh and Scottish slaves in the Caribbean the Jewish backed Cromwell led Roundheads set about turning both Europeans and Africans into the Mulattoes of today. The Afro-Caribbeans, who are never called Euro-Caribbeans, were never bred with the indigenous of the West Indies. The Whites and Blacks were bred to make their Jew masters Gods of a new racial breed. By stopping the Irish breeding as Whites, they stopped the Catholic Priests from bringing them into the faith. Link. Tell me again how that’s not a gross injustice of disallowing freedom of expression and freedom of religion. You make your war prisoners into something other, now they belong to the slave masters, the Jew. That slave master trait follows them all over the shop, link, and people need to start waking up to these home truths once and for all. The Windrush Generation are not from Africa, nor are they from Europe, they are cross bred to make exactly what is required by the Jew, an enemy into their own army. What better revenge than to turn two groups of people separated by thousands of miles into a completely new breed of mixed continent peoples. Link. Birth of a Nation. Link. Wake up to Jewish mischief over the centuries. Link.


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Menasseh Ben Israel petitions Oliver Cromwell in 1657 for the readmittance of the Jews to England following their non expulsion by King Edward I in 1290. And they were readmitted and set up the Bank of England, which has since reigned economic tyranny over the English.

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