Socialists v Anti-Socialists


Rothschild and Kissinger, just like old friends

What’s so insignificant about our lives that these global elite internationalist globalist anti-  semitic Jews find so very, very interesting when it comes to making sure they’re never mentioned at all costs possible. Imagine the world you’d create with the finger on the credit button? What makes the selected class so selected beyond the other non-selected? What fight are we fighting, the fight we’re given, or the fight with those who give us the illusion of a fight to fight with, shadowboxing. I’m a practical man with
practical aims. I been taught that honesty is good, integrity and trust are to work for and be earned, so is it just left to me to earn and work for them alone while mr J fleeces the country for all it’s worth, then blames us?

Who is it who tells us things are too complex? Out of reach, beyond our means, then goes behind our backs to arm themselves to the teeth and then blame us for “an aggressive, or oppressive” bigoted racist opinion about our own country folk, while they fill our countries up with their perfect buffer zone, the excuse. Well, excuse me internationalist globalist Jews, you have no country to be proud of, the whole world knows it’s a fortress for garb and bunting on your criminal escapades in commerce. Always against injustice and fighting against the majority for the convenient justice to continue on raising artificial manifestations of controversy.

Pointing to new social problems that somehow have miraculously materialised on our shores without the aid of a single hand behind the smokescreen of power that’s used to fund the obvious corrupting of our many, many great and illustrious historical institutions that have been hijacked by a form of political subversion not allowed to be named in the mainstream, samestream, lamestream goverened press. Like this sneaky deal to stop funding the NHS and allow privatisation to fill the void, and therefore not a thing needed to be said about this “legal loophole” for undermining what the people believe the NHS to be. With over £1 billion of NHS funds paid to outsourcing, I’d suggest deals struck have been underhanded, though will have obviously received the YES vote in the Houses of Parliament. Link.

Who’s ruling who. The Jewish internationalist set up won’t be tolerant of immigrants into their neighbourhoods, unless useful to their cause of misery on everyone else. Their wealth will never be shared, even though it’s not a thing they need worry about. They’re never the majority, yet have ALL the say. Oy vey, anti-Semitism, how very non politically correct of me to call out the Jew! If they’re so pro-semitic then why’s there endles, and I mean endless problems in and around their criminal hideout centered in Tel Aviv? Why are there no pictures of Kissinger or Rothschild at Yad Vashem?

Quote – “We all must teach our children tolerance and understanding, at home and in school.” Link. Yet, Jewish schools receive extra security and bomb proof windows, because they’re so highly thought of as assets to the communities? Link. Link. Why do their children get the special treatment as the rest of the world sees endless, ENDLESS, misery thrust on their children who MUST be tolerant and understanding? Basically if you wish to be a thriving people then the Jew is your enemy and your enemy is the Jew! Link.

Is it not a bit wierd that Kissinger never spoke about “the holocaust” even though when prompted it suddenly became the most terrible of his life experiences. Does anyone actually trust these bozo’s Kissinger and Rothschild? Link. Link. “The world abandoned the Jews” LINK. How inconsiderate to abandon the Jewish class and their usury. What would the world look like without Jewish usurious practice being the single and only cartel required by them to kill everyone by economic selection?

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