Who is the Israeli spy MP named Berger, Mossad or Mi5?

Kill the kids Berger.

Luciana’s mossad training in full flow here. Link. Doing what she’s well paid for and dodging any talk about the real anti-semitism on Arabs, while swerving the question about anti-Jewish sentiment in their Party. Who is Luciana Berger though? Luciana Clare Berger (born 13 May 1981) is a Jewish Zionist Labour politician and 1 of the 3 leading Jewish influences in the northwest of England others being Beatrice Fraenkel currently an NHS board member and the Jewish Zionist MP Louise Ellman. A member of the NHS Confederation Berger was parachuted into the 2010 elections to sure up the Liverpool Care Pathway NHS Death camp for gentiles 2program. The pathways program was a determined effort by their ethnic group to exterminate the elder members of our ethnic British population. Hospitals are paid millions to hit targets for the number of patients who die on the LCP. At least £30m in extra money is handed to hospitals to achieve these goals. Quite literally hospitals are encouraged to slaughter their patients because they get paid for it. Berger has also evoked the Jewish ‘false flag’ in this case allowing her to play the ‘eternal victim’ for the press while distracting from her role in the genocide of elderly Britons. Berger is the great niece of Manny Shinwell who an MI5 report recorded passed information to Jewish terrorist group Irgun, infamous for the King David Hotel bombing in which 91 people were murdered including 28 Britons, shortly following the kidnap and brutal murder of two British soldiers by this same Jewish terrorist group.

Not only is she more Pro-Jewish than Pro anything, so she’s caught in the dilemma of being caught between a rock and a hard place, between the Devil and the deep blue sea. She’ll have a good old laugh as the cuckoo in the nest spouting how English laws need to be changed to suit her tribe, but yet not a jot of support for Alfie Evans the poor child whose father is battling everyone just to not have his son killed in Berger’s constituency. Here’s what the Israeli spy wrote on twitter yesterday, being the 25th April, 2018: Quote- “For longer, healthier lives and a sustainable , we need a in all policies approach. The answers to our nation’s healthcare challenges cannot be addressed by alone. Watch the Bill I presented to earlier > >”

Here’s the link, if you can stomach her and her mob in that House of poison. Link.

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