That Narrative Army

Jewish death cult judges.jpg

The overarching social experiment that ceased with the fall of the Berlin Wall, as we’re lead to believe. Nothing that was bad about communism was allowed into the perfect system of crapitalism that we now see perhaps wasn’t so perfect after all. Yet, communism offers no answers either, what’s a guy to do? Well, the stretch seems to be on for the race haters within politics, around politics and the only ones with say in what reaches mainstream, the Jews. No social problems ever existed in the utopia that has been created by them post world war 2? Well, let’s have a look shall we? Link.

Moving as far from the pleadings for White people in White countries, the non-White contingencies, the “minorities” want to live in democracies, yet democracies, we’re told, serve the majorities. Oy vey, anti-Semitism right off the bat. How dare the non PC universe place Africans in African countries, Europeans in European countries and Asians in Asian countries, it doesn’t make any sense. Well, luckily for us we have the trusty Jew and his magical chutzpah wizardry to turn everything upside down and the Jew come up smelling of roses not matter how much black market economic crimes they commit. Link.

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