Hidden in plain spite

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Bibi Netenyahu being introduced to some other Jew monster by his manager Jacob Rothschild

Our countries are not ruled by the rulers, but the rulers get their measure from sources seemingly unknown. I was born into a modern town, and therefore when I saw it again being constructed some 3000 miles away in China, then I know China had something that I once thought belonged to me. Not least to the people who I was supposed to be aligned with in this modern town. As with modernity comes the seemingly enthusiastic optimism for the future, as the past had been scurrilous about what I was born into. Obviously it’s politically correct to put the Church down, put White people down for the “many atrocities” around the globe.

The British Empire, the Belgians in the Congo, the Spanish in South America, the French Africa, America… everywhere, blah, blah, blah. As I’ve grown in awareness by focusing in on the single problem scourging the earth, so with every passing day, as has been for the last 10 years, I grow ever more shocked and sickened to the stomach, and worse, of what I learn about those monstrous creature who are Jews. From their own language and how it’s based as a language to see through, at least my language, English, it’s the language of ratrace. To how it’s been verminsed by them, over the millenia, to be nothing of the colourfly rich and intoxicatingly poetic language that, when left, it grows into. For whom doth not lovest the cherry of their own bosom?

Those rabid foaming at the mouth parasites who definitely are in union with easily more than “1%”, what a laugh. Among the “newly (((found))) wealth of China”, of the immigrant businessmen, who “work longer hours than the English” the so called oil rich Arabs, cousins of Jews. The many imports who somehow become mysteriously elevated in society for the benefit of the contributions they make to “our” society. Can anyone name one? How the hell was Europe built to be such an advance place without the input of the new imports?

Bliar the /kissinger gofer

I will admit that my schooling, and not without strategically placed sayanim to disrupt it, my schooling wasn’t that bad. I was allowed to daydream whil watching the sun rays beam down over the city and ponder on the Welsh mountains over the River Mersey. The teachers basically left me because once I got questioning stuff I wouldn’t stop, and my questions were generally in advance of the curriculum. This is really the point of this article. What we’re encouraged to be, respectable and upright citizens, proud of our country’s achievements and achievers/ Yet, if they somehow don’t fall into the politically collect narrow corridor then the Jewish vitriolic diatribe comes swarming out to smother the heretic. And, I hope I’m somehow giving someone a nudge to the perspective that is the only perspective, and that is, if you have an opinion your toast.

True, you can rally around for LGBT, for immigration, for death to Whites via supporting the family planning and buying of illegal drugs, to have that money then stolen out of your eco-no-money. Then you’d have to be on drugs to run those economics in this economic climate. What’s the chances the money changing and money lending Jews know that too? I’d suggest the chances would be so high, that I can guarantee 99.9% they’re running that operation. Does it not strike anyone’s mind that drugs could actually be useful when they’re not destroying our societies, and that those who keep it as is benefit from it greatly. Why would drug dealers want to destroy their own competition. They’re all good guys, right? I walked through my home city last night and was quite astounded by how many of those collapsed in biological heaps in doorway actually have fair hair and blue eyes. No that they have any great chance of surviving their fast track to doom, that society grants them leeway on, because drugs are naturally a part of our society? What now??? The youth have no clue as to the history when it comes to having an optional perspective to look at life from. Yet all this has been lived through over and over again. Link.

The so called Greater Israel plan. More like the Neo-Babylonian Empire
The most advantageous geographical position of any empire will always to be at the crux of the three main continents
Jewish death cult.jpg
From the sickening mind of a Jew, the so called “art” of the Weimar was all part of the Jewish death cult manifest from the Bolshevik revolution

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