When killing children became all the rage!


“When people forget the past and care not who kills or dies, then killers take advantage of those yet to be killed.” – Peter Cooney, Enabler

Obviously the euphoria of liberation after any war is celebrated by the media as the fanfare trumpet to the masses of good news. Yet, the stacking up of bad news after bad news is brimming over more and more into an uncontrollable culling of human life. Largely driven by the same crew of the Trotskite Bolshevik Communists, Zio-Marxists, and fuelled by their worldwide supporters of globalism. The representations of those symbolic political directions are now manifesting into a more concentrated version than the world has experienced before.Also, with the internet the passing of information can match lightning speed, yet children are still dying needlessly.

“Make your plans as dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a lightening bolt” – Sun Tzu, Art of War

I’m sure no one dare question those who hold the gun to their heads, either actually, or metaphorically. The term ‘Dead man walking’ is all about this. So, what of the Holodomor, that mass culling by communism that’s been allowed to slide and be replaced in the psyche by the fictional Holocaust (Holohoax)? Link. To think the jolly Marxists, of whom Trotsky is reported to have said, that Trotskyism is in fact Marxism, put an ice pick in his skull, can be a trusty source for running a country’s govt. Then reassessing having the fox look after the chicken coup seems like a must. What is it about communism that bears so much deadly fruit by an endless spilling of blood based on forced politics? Communism is barely voted in, communism is a revolutionary principle to kill the people and replace them with the communist hordes. Link.

Show me a happy communist and I’ll show you 10 million lives lost. Communists are never a happy bunch and that straight away points to the Capitalists. It’s a commonality between them that communism needs capitalism to continue with the eternal mass culling of the populations in a rotation like farming method. One minute it’s here, next it’s there. Meanwhile the so called mighty, can never just seem to stamp it out, despite the trillions of units of whichever currency are thrown at the issue. Link.


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