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When all of the stop signs actually mean go, and all of the go signs mean stop, or not. Then the scenario of chaos is ensued. There’s nothing like a good dowsing of chaos on the enemy to disrupt their efforts. It’s a tactic to upend the status quo. To bring about distrust among the trusting. When no one can be sure what the other may be up to, then the seeds of doubt are nourished and the shoots develop to unhinge confidence to the point of madness. Political correctness is like the venus fly trap of society. It looks sweet, yet is used as a trap by that which seeks to kill using honey as it’s lure. Link.

What is politically correct and what is politically incorrect revolves around various aspects of society. The obvious scenario is that it is for the benefit of society, yet this appears to be furthest from the case as possible. It’s used as a hitman may use a silencer. Link. As with the infamous Holocaust of Jewish notoriety, why would the casino banker give up the bank position, when the House always wins? Link. Sailing through the seas of commerce and an opposing force offers resistance to the aggressive takeover tactics of the Jewish Cartel Mafia, then the opposition is politically incorrect. This tearing down of opposition by pre-emptive stealth is how to win wars without firing a bullet.

The power of commerce is that you can reach right into the home of the enemy under the guise of corporate benevolence. These camouflages donning the friendly colours of nature bend the enemies mind into thinking that the benevolence is aimed to and for them. The reality is that the lawyers, accountants, judges, bailiffs, politicians and their minions are moving in a haphazard yet orchestrated plot. This nature of haphazardness inside of an overarching orchestration is the art of the ambush. The non pattern of haphazardness is exposed by it’s orchestration, ie, the non apparent pattern is the pattern, and therefore the give away that is consistent in that model of tactic. It’s a sly tactic rather than a smart tactic. Only that the stakes are so high and people’s suspicions are forced to scrutinise to such a degree does the Zio-Marxist Anarchist Bolshevik type of political Judaism become an observable thing. When all other educated guesses do not, and cannot fit, then the only thing left MUST be the explanation that fits, merely because it does. Why would a belligerent give up it’s most successful tactic to follow it’s enemies idea of hedging victories?

The will of force is being seen to be the reality of life currently. When someone comes up with a better deal, then it’s shoved off to the fringe and that void, of what was public euphoria is dragged back into the ever so monotonous nostalgia of the continuing mainstream narrative. My question is, if Jews are truly so insignificant in the greater scheme of things, in regards to majority rule, then what’s such a problem for them to leave, be removed from, public office? What great world disaster can occur when Jews are alleviated of their busy body ways of cajoling the cherry on the cake positions for members of the true majority to partake in their own orders of business?

On this blog we have pointed to Jewish chutzpah from time to time, and we’ve seen the extent where it can go. Link. Where do you fit in the Jewish plan? Link. Judaism began with lunacy. Link.  Quote By Rabbi Ted Falcon, David Blatner The Jewish calendar isn’t just a tool for observing the passage of time. Judaism marks and celebrates time in a number of ways Link.  As the moon affects the tides, the Jews keep to themselves the lunar influence for leveraging world events. Whenever something chaotic in the world is happening, the Jews will be celebrating. Link.  Chaos, by order of the Jew. Link. Link.


  1. The working men had to defend themselves against that system, which gave them promises of rights, but was not at any pains to provide them with a decent life. But today Socialism, which was a legitimate reaction against that Liberal enslavement, has gone astray, because it has adopted, first, the materialist interpretation of life and history; secondly, an attitude of revenge; thirdly, the enunciation of the class-struggle dogma. Socialism, above all the socialism constructed in the passionless frigidity of their drawing-rooms by the Socialist apostles in whom the poor working men believed, and who have been displayed to our eyes for what they really were by Alfonso García Valdecasas; Socialism, thus understood, sees nothing in history but the play of economic forces; everything spiritual is suppressed, religion is the opium of the people, patriotism is a myth for the exploitation of the under-dog; Socialism says all this. Nothing exists but production and economic organisation. Workmen, therefore, must wring their souls well out, lest the least drop of spirituality should remain within them. Socialism does not aspire to re-establish a social justice that has broken down through the faulty functioning of the Liberal State; rather, it aims at reprisal. It aspires to attain a point so many degrees higher in injustice, the higher the injustice of the Liberal system has risen. Finally, Socialism proclaims the monstrous dogma of class warfare; it proclaims the dogma that warfare between classes is indispensable and is produced naturally in life, because there is no possibility of there ever being any appeasing agent. So Socialism, which started out as a just critique of economic liberalism, has brought us, by a different route, the same fruits as economic liberalism: disunity, hatred, separation, forgetfulness of every bond of brotherhood and solidarity between men.” – José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

    The so-called “REPUBLICAN” army in the “CIVIL WAR” in Spain before WWII was… RUN by YIDDISH SPEAKING JEWS! Here, their SHOOTING at a Spanish statue of Christ is a perfect metaphor for the JEWISH WAR ON HUMANITY ,COMMUNIST JEWISH MURDERERS OF SPANISH CHRISTIANS 10,000 OF STALIN’S International Brigade were Jews. More than one-third of the Jewish volunteers were communist American Jews who called themselves the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. A communist Jewish contingent from Poland calling itself the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company was formed especially for the Spanish Civil War. A subdivision of the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company was formed called The Dombrowski Brigade. Here are some of the Jews responsible for murdering Spanish Christians: 1. Leiba Lazarevich Feldbin (Aleksandr Orlov): Chief of Soviet Security in the Spanish Civil War. He supervised the massacres of Catholic priests and nuns. 2. Rabbi Hyman Katz: American rabbi. He said he joined Stalin’s International Brigade “to fight Spanish-Christian fascists.” 3. Milton Wolff: Last Commander of the American contingent of Stalin’s International Brigade. 4. Abraham Osheroff: American Jewish Communist. Born in Brooklyn NY. 5. Olek Nuss: Yiddish poet. He served with the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company. 6. Janek Barvinski: Commander of the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company. 7. Stach Matuszczak: Political Commissar of the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company. 8. George Nathan: Jewish homosexual and Communist from Great Britain. Chief of Staff of Stalin’s International Brigade. 9. Henryk Torunczyk: Polish Jew. Commander of the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company. 10. Saul Wellman: Commissar of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade. Communist activist from Detroit. Organized Communist party meetings amongst Detroit auto workers. 11. Kurt Julius Goldstein: German Jewish Communist. 12. Leon Rosenthal: A New York Jew. He was Stalin’s propaganda agent in Spain. 13. Moses Rosenberg: The Russian Ambassador to Madrid. He rigged the elections of the Spanish Parliament in 1936 installing puppets of the Jewish Bolsheviks. HERE ARE EXAMPLES of the atrocities committed by the Communist Jews in Spain: * In Barcelona on July 17 1936, a Jewish group from Stalin’s International Brigade called at the Dominican Convent in Barcelona. The Jewish leader informed the Mother Superior that because of fear of mob violence he had orders to take the nuns to a place of safety. ~ The soldiers took the unsuspecting nuns to the suburbs and shot them all in cold blood. Afterwards, the leader remarked, “We needed their building. We didn’t want to muss it up before we occupied it.” * In Barcelona in 1937, the Naftali-Botwin Jewish Company tortured and mocked a priest before they finally hung his dismembered body from a statue of the Virgin Mary. ~ A second priest was transfixed to a made-up crucifix and hung on it while he was still living. * In Huelva Spain in 1938, the mayor of the city turned over the civil administration to Stalin’s International Brigade. Their first act was to torture and shoot all the priests of the city. The nuns of Huelva were stripped naked and driven into the streets to provide sport for the Jewish Communists. Then they were all shot in cold blood. Sources #1: The Spanish Civil War, Hugh Thomas; The Spanish Civil War, Antony Beevor; History Of The Spanish Civil War, Warren Carroll Sources #2: Troublemakers Of Spanish Civil War, Jeffrey Sharlet; Combattants Juifs dans l’Armée Républicaine Espagnole, translated by Mitch Abidor; Spain: A Tragic Journey, F. Theodore Rogers; And: “Jewish Volunteers In The Spanish Civil War” Click Here Sources #3: 70 Years of the Communist Revolution; Communist Atrocities In Spain, Arthur Byrant; Catholic Martyrs of the Spanish Civil War, Justo Perez de Urbel

    Jews in the Spanish Civil War The Naftali Botwin Company By Mitch Abidor https://www.marxists.org/subject/jewish/botwin/introduction.htm

    The Abraham Lincoln Brigade American Jews http://www.alba-valb.org/

    http://www.alba-valb.org/resources/lessons/jewish-volunteers-in-the-sp anish-civil-war/jewish-volunteers-in-the-spanish-civil-war

    The Dombrowski Jewish Brigade. http://circle.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/03/jcarchive037.pdf

    Espagnol – http://doctrinanacionalsocialista.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/ jose-antonio-y-la-unidad-de-espana.html

    Virus-free. http://www.avast.com

    On Fri, Apr 13, 2018 at 10:49 AM, Peter Cooney Enabler wrote:

    > pan283 posted: ” When all of the stop signs actually mean go, and all of > the go signs mean stop, or not. Then the scenario of chaos is ensued. > There’s nothing like a good dowsing of chaos on the enemy to disrupt their > efforts. It’s a tactic to upend the status quo. To b” >

  2. Reblogged this on Tommy Roberts and commented:
    A worthwhile article replete with some comments worth reading.

    Yes, in my view, the Capitalist-Marxist socialist as opposed to authentic National Socialist welfare states in our respective ZOG Western so-called Democracies, are effectively hedge funds for the, Crony-Capitalist-Crypto-Communist #NeoHegeMonopolistic Corporate-Supremacy-AshkeNAZI-NWO. So, regardless of whether you’re a vassal on The Left or The Right wing of the empty vessel that is the Zionist Bird, you, or at least “I”, get to be condescended to by comparative imbeciles who are owned by Jews who are owned by supremacists who are owned by supremacist Jews.

    There is surreptitious opportunity to extricate oneself from the false political paradigms and parasitical parallels I illuminate in my song #TheSophisticatedParasite and realign with spiritual Truth whereby one might also be brought to supporting a viable socio-political solution enabling Israel the human citizen [ https://youtu.be/pVsxFjVYbOk ] not the geo-political state to be afforded due respect.

    Unfortunately owing to the cognitive dissonance and spiritual bankruptcy visited upon ‘We The Jewified GoyTard’ many but actually most if not all, save perhaps only a few, fail to not only find the key link on the key chain required for the cognition but fail to avail themselves of the opportunity to even be on the same page. Of course, “aesthetics” has a lot to do with it.


    – Tommy R

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