Monopolising Heaven’s Franchise on Earth

Capital Marx.jpg
Oh the irony, buy Marx’s treatise on why capitalism doesn’t work on Amazon. It’s like there’s not even a set up at all, not even one little bit.

By being spoliated into a trade-able commodity, the concept of heaven is being apportioned off for shekels. Who can pay such a price to the kosher cartel more than the price that has been set with the message of Christ and his crucifixion? From the representation of “heaven” the golden arches, McDonald’s, to the “world’s most famous gay nightclub” the emotional attachments of a Christian heaven to work for on earth is being swallowed up and spat out. As it’s well established with governments the world over, who run the countries they govern on debt and facilities of debt, so the debt traders profit on it. What is it’s outcome when all is without standards of non-debt?

A world to be passed on for posterity were the children inherit the legacy of labours from their forbears. How fanciful the idea and how real that it is being robbed without relief as the world is creamed of it’s profitability by the Jewish cartel bankers and their minions strategically in place throughout society. Pockets of isolated observers of society can grasp the situation through their own exclusion from the robbery in progress, because they cannot live with their conscience and continue to bend their will in forced subservience. And what for the benefit of the children who will inherit the looted nation states? Will they have the wear with all to navigate through these most treacherous waters when such “geniuses”, as we’re told, contradict the reality of the economics and send out a single massive conflicting message to children who are very much awake regardless of their lack of well thought through opinions.

Only a cruel, cruel world would be prepared to sacrifice everything good for everything bad. There’s an English saying that it only takes one bad apple to destroy the cart. It’s not talking about the cart itself, but the contents of the cart, the fruits. People’s perceptions of life have been carpet bombed through swathes of massive advertising campaigns by the “household names”, again part of the hold n the narrative. These “household names” who are in fact the Jewish cartels of international wandering. Everything to them is cold hard business without empathy. It undercuts the very tenet of commerce that is an attempt to encapsulate honest trading and exchanges by good and honest people. Now it has become the movement of things, the transfer of items. The very soul has been torn bleeding from the heart of commerce in fact.

When “goods”, called because they are good, are not good any longer and the spirit of commercial transactions has been undercut to being but a strand of what it could, should and can be, then there’s a problem in paradise. Think it through for yourself. If we as a helpless, useless liability on the planet to those who have the firm grip on the lubricants of commerce, being the means to exchange. Then, every facet of society is now a ridiculed version of it’s true nature. The goodness of what is being worked for is being hijacked and those not involved are bullying their way to being the bosses of any and all transactions. What’s worse is when it’s a one-way street of money being siphoned off,as profit, then ultimately famine will be thrust on the throne of commerce. Without national governmental interests to control, by way of protection, the means for people to thrive, then they simply will not thrive. They will die.

What we’re seeing with the spread of Africans over the White countries is a huge contradiction, and a very dangerous predicament. As Africa is being touted to hit 2.5 billion Africans by 2050, then where are the measures of sustainability for the continent? Surely it’s more in the interests of the Africans to return home to enjoy the massive spikes in their populations together and give our people the opportunities to re-breed our populations back to the proud 30+% of the world’s population. We have the rights to do it and doing it, and enforcing the doing of it is of paramount importance, lest we turn into a psuedo Mugabe state backed by Kissinger’s mob within and without Israel. There is hardly a decision to make, the decisions are being made for us and to survive is to get the reigns firmly back in our possession.

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