Israel’s Cuckoo Cartel

cuckoo cartel
Jezza claims he was talking about freedom of speech and freedom of expression in a tweet in answer to a facebook post in 2012. The Jewish Cuckoo Cartel are having none of it.

Plonking themselves right into the most advantageous geographical position they could, in control of the Suez canal, Jews blew up the British HQ in British Palestinian Mandate and from there became defenders of anti-Semitism.  In a long list of insurgencies in the Fertile Crescent, Trad.(Middle East, mod) only in one proxy war has the Jewish Cuckoo Cartel been named as being part of any conflict. Link. Whereas listing Israeli conflicts paints a different picture. Link. Obviously I’m sticking my neck out to rely on wiki, but other searches can be made for your own research.

cuckoo cartel 2
Neat little arrangements to bust up the competition

So as we witness the stranglehold on the cartel franchise for bullying on both the international and national level political scene, right down to local and parish councils. One can only determine that Israel and the diaspora attached to it, with or without aliyah, they can only be a separatist and divisive supremacist group of xenophobic megalomaniacs.

cuckoo cartel 3
Jezza victim of a political headlock that’s using his avatar as the target for the Jewish vitriol against non Jews.
cuckoo cartel 4
Jezza needs to put in a bit of the old elbow grease and force Judaism on “his” party, or UK may end up being in a state of Jewxit

As with the Colombian, Venezuelan, Domincan, Peruvian, Nicaraguan, Jamaican and Chilean, to name a few, cartels, fashioned by Unter Jew Henry Kissinger, so the mask is unveiled to see from what seed the cartel magic has spun out of. Playing pin the needle on the donkey in world and local politics was always an impossibility as Jews were so deeply entrenched into the commercial aspects of politics that they could easily hide. Link. Yet as National Socialism stood as the lighthouse in the stormy night of world politics shining the vivid light to clear the view of the treacherous rocky territory that had brought so many down before its inception. Now Jews were firmly named as the single and only culprit of all bad tidings within any government the world over. Going to such great lengths to murder, pillage and rape everything that their locust like desires could ravage they set about with their social experiment Capitalism and Communism. Link. Link.

cuckoo cartel 7.jpg

cuckoo cartel 8.jpg

cuckoo cartel 6

cuckoo cartel 5
Stacking contradiction after contradiction so the voting block is as ever in a state of confusion as they ever were.

The symbolic non Jew male is the political football for the Jews to kick around as much as they want in the political arena. They don’t want the heat, they may appear here in there in places like Ukraine, New Zealand and even England, with Benjamin Disraeli. That’s probably likely to be a signal that that country has completely fallen and it’s safe for the Jew to be lord and master. Like with Lenin they had to quickly replace him with the non Jew Stalin. so we see with “Je Suis Juif” Theresa May and father-in-law to governmental in-house broker Jew Jared Kushner, who along with his dad and his brother make for a formidable tag team unit so close to the top of the world’s most powerful office, Mr Trump.


As Europe is not Semitic, why is it so important for Europe to be Semitic, when they seem perfectly fine running their own affairs in their own way. More like that when they are here in Europe, as with the African and West-African contingencies their problems come with. I haven’t such encouragement from some of the world’s richest countries to bring Europeans to their backyard and do what Europe is doing for their people. Does it seem fair that Africa is about to hit 2.5 billion by 2050 when the problems they have are now being shifted to communist China to administer? Or that India is to open flight paths via Saudi Arabia for Israel. Link.

cranks 1

Cartel rallying is yiddish business. Anyone not subordinate to the Jew gets ganged up on and international law becomes a ridicule were the mighty overcome the weak. That is not a beautiful way, the beautiful way is to support and encourage against cartelism and take down en mass the bullies, for the benefit of the gross majority. While weak leaders mislead the country being led by their Jew masters, then actual weakness is not a natural thing, but a construct of a bigger bullying strategy to hyper-brainwash the subservient good people into being forced against their will. How sustainable is bullying? Why is it so important for Jews to be the special snowflake in world politics and have the biggest and last shout? What have the Jews done in relation to what reality dictates in that they have had the lead role since the end of World War2 and yet look at the mess the world is actually in.

When cheats are alone in a one horse race then isn’t it that they become judge, jury and executioner on any and all issues. Basically making the rules up as they go along. It reminds me of the book the Little Prince, where everyone he met, except the downed aircraft pilot had all being basking in their own illusions of grandeur.  When things were pointed out to them that is not the way of nature then their bubble, ego, burst on the spot. If Israel isn’t heading the cartels, then they’re doing a damned fine job of making like they are. Maybe it’s secretly the Eskimos? Or the Papua New Guinea Pygmies? It must be someone, right? Where else fits the bill? They’ve got their noses in everyone’s business, and without shame too.


El Cart
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Entertainment cartel
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Insurance brokering cartel

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