Israeli Foreign Policy = Pressure Cooker Politics

israeli foreign policy.jpg
Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial are part of Israeli Foreign Policy

In every other country the Jew will be foaming at the mouth to fight for minority rights, except where Whites are minorities. All across the world Whites are increasingly the minority of the world population, yet where are Jews rallying for the remedy of that?

So the ANC are removed from office by Jews and the next is annointed for phase 2 of “Operation Kill Whitey”

In this video you can hear for yourself from a Black South African man explaining what is happening over there. I pray to God he’s safe and that his, and others messages get through. Although in saying that, the cry from the Australians is a faux par. Australia has seen massive increases on Whites in Australia, and rather than lobby the South African government, which would be normal, they have chosen to break up the South African Whites by offering them… Offering them what? Safe haven, really? Stroll on! Link.

Quote: “South Africa’s foreign ministry insisted that the safety of white farmers would not be at risk from any land redistribution measures.

“That threat does not exist,” it said. “There is no reason for any government in the world to suspect that a section of South Africans is under danger from their own democratically elected government.”” Link.

The world is conned by Jewish media into thinking South Africa is about Whites and Blacks. It’s about Jewish Supremacy and keeping the lock on the “Global Village” by using every trick in the book 

3 million

One might think that Africa is a Jew free continent, far from it. The Jews who are there, and are Black, are far from welcome in the rogue nation criminal hideout they call Israel.

Quote: “The Jewish community in Ethiopia recently received bad news that the Israeli government had yet again delayed the approval of any further aliya, as the 2019 state budget was approved last week without any funds allocated for the Ethiopian immigration, despite prior government commitments.   ” Link.


Currently Tanzania, along with other Communist Chinese African States grow stronger political ties with Israel.
Lieberman is the Left Wing Jew hard liner who was parachuted in as the new Defence Minister to replace Bibi Netenyahu’s lifetime “friend” and colleague of the Likud Party(Terrorists, they all are), Moshe Yaalon
With the largest army in the world per capita, is it not a mystery why someone from the opposition was drafted in by the Likud Party to replace the former Defence Minister?
Running at 10% of the North Korean Forces, one can see how North Korea manages to remain independent of Israeli Central Banking Jews.

All is not well in North East Africa, which just happens to be the nearest part of Africa to Israel’s firm allies, Saudi and Egypt.

Israel is involved in hundreds of billions of $’s worth of deals, yet Africa needs endless support?
The phoney Jew charity scammers are getting questioned as to why the Africans can’t ask for their own money.
As Africa’s population spikes with a boom, so the self-hating Whites lead the way for the narrative to be maintained to kill of Whites as part of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion points out.
Endless EU millions for Africa
It’s never Israel


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Working together in harmony
Sharing by maintaining racial identities and living together for good

For the children’s sake, can the Jew please be removed from being in the bully position and let’s meet to bring balance to this world by governing our own people’s fairly and with empathy.


  1. Reblogged this on Tommy Roberts and commented:
    Quote. “For the children’s sake, can the Jew please be removed from being in the bully position and let’s meet to bring balance to this world by governing our own people’s fairly and with empathy.”

    Well said although you can count on all “Politically Correct” people whom I personally prefer to refer to as “Fashion Victims” rather than “People” per se and rarely as “Humans” although apparently so I’ve heard said, our “Humanity” is forgivable, to avoid this post or at the least fail to give it the LIKE it deserves because of one word. No prizes for guessing what word that might be. I will however, for the benefit of the #GoyTard who is very unlikely to discover this post and my comment anyway, spell it out. Yes, it’s the “Jew” word.

    “The Jewish Problem” needs to be fully investigated in order to understand what it “actually” IS well enough at the least, for its “same same but different” as it refers to Truth Justice Peace #TJP acronym, to ever be realised.

    Unfortunately, if #FreeSpeech is shut down in the name of Antisemitism or Racism or similar and replaced with hate speech laws this critical understanding of The Jewish Problem wherein resides the solution for Truth Justice and Peace, can never be effectively incl. systemically accomplished. This is of course in large part “why” we’re constantly assaulted with The Tyranny of Political Correctness.

    There is much more I could say on this subject. While this post helps to illuminate the Marxist Jew behind the Black South African so-called “Self-Determination” movement which is of course too ironic to warrant any sort of serious analysis that will not be covered by the international Zionist-Marxist media anyway, it’s perhaps worth mentioning the word, Boerejode ( Boer Jews) in the context of The Aryan Ideal versus The Divide & Steal.

    One might be left to wonder for instance exactly which South African Whites are winning asylum c/ Western ZOG’s such as Australia.

    Has The Left yet woken up to The Right? Has The Right yet woken up to The Left? Or is it all a Yet?

    – Tommy R

    1. I have EDITED my above comment on my Reblog of this post. I want access to an edit function if I’m going to continue to Reblog posts or leave my comments. In the meantime please delete my above comment and I will be happy to replace it with my amended comment. Thank you.

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