Supporting Self-Sabotage – The Only Democratically Electable Doctrine

In any Self-Development book of any worth, then Self-Sabotage would obviously be a no-no. Yet, to our unbelievable surprise it’s the single common thread allowed on the ballot box paper. Woe be tied with anyone who tries to find a non Self-Sabotaging brand of politics that they may wish to vote for, or even, Marx forbid, think of one up for themselves? Imagine my shock when finding out that things like the “6 million” is a fabrication by Jews, that debt used as money is also a fabrication by Jews. Not least interest on debt, which is now dealt as non debt, even in loans to get into debt, you get debt to count as yet more debt. Two times the debt for the price of sixteen, fair business for the Jew counting on crashing national economies with all the cards stacked in their favour.

Imagine the lure of the hedge fund traders, and I have no experience of anything of that kind, other than Brian the insurance salesman who used to love “fixing” my parents insurance needs for the family home. Life insurance, contents insurance, building insurance, car insurance and the ever necessary insurance on the mortgage in case of redundancy or unemployment so the mortgage payments can be met. Contrasting this excellent way to cream the profits from the hard earned wages of the measly working class simply rolls off the tongue of one trained in such vital sales techniques.

The streets are literally filled with ever willing customers wishing to secure their lifestyles so that in times of need the trusted insurance policy can be called upon to cover any and all requirements, even in part, to help shoulder the burden or burdens. What a sustainable industry the insurance market is, especially within the capitalist/communist Marxist construct that we have today. (Note: The Cold War was, or still is, a social experiment by what was very definitely Judaism’s full and complete takeover of the world in the administrative sense. When things such as the EU, US or other non State concerns can boss around the sovereign nation states of the world, then “Houston, we have a problem!” Fortunately for us we have our trusted Jews ever ready to grant us loans from banks that only carry money not belonging to them. Sounds like a good deal down at Wall St/City of London hedge fund managers not miss out on. Pay into the scheme on the one hand, get back with just returns on the other, that capitalist dream once again. Link.

We’re so lucky to have all the goods available in the world, the right stuff at the right time, and our trusty government certainly has everything secured just in case of anything untoward, or unpredictable happening, right? Those ol’ blue eyed boys down at the government offices busily working away to protect our interests.

What Bris Millah looks like when it gets out of control

But wait, what’s this now, empower women into public office, create an environment where women can “enjoy” the equal rewards, for the same types of work, that men enjoy? Sounds legit. Even all the female billionaires coming through, and especially those non Jewish ones who can flit around as they wish from building, welding, mining etc. Oh, look out, we may have touched a nerve. What if a women twists a heel, or breaks a nail while working under ground, or welding etc? Oh, the Jew has the perfect solutions, bring in the administrative world to it’s fullest extent. Create non productive jobs at every corner and remove the voices of the male from speaking out against this “Equality”.

Passing over more and more “responsibilities” to the women, as they get the GPS, along with the newly empowered African taxi drivers. All mod cons to keep the chatter about shades of lipstick and eye shadow is facilitated in the name of Equality. Again, dare the man open his mouth with an opinion, so shall he be shut down and jailed in the constructs of Judaism that cry for equalities for the minorities. Hate Speech is NOT allowed, and that’s all well handled in advanced. If it ain’t Judaism, then it ain’t allowed. Non kosher opinions will not be tolerated.

So, where do non kosher opinions eventually get to, or come from? Well, the answer is rather cyclical, it’s surely not from Tel Aviv though. Obviously for Judaism to be an useful commodity to the Jew, then within it there must be the necessary contradictions so that harmony can never be maintained, to the point of rioting and assassinations. Why should the Jew be put out, when Judaism covers EVERY argument? Who dare tred on another;s beliefs?

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