The Unaccountables

Revolution is not democracy – Mass murder is criminal

Mass murderers under one umbrella ✡ have sought to force their way into the positions they now hold worldwide, while the world is held to ransom at their whim. Now everything has to go through their banking system to be accounted for, yet their money is debt. So, imagine you are dealing in debt, for a full year. At the end of the year, what have you accumulated by dealing solely in debt? Heaps more debt? It’s a no-brainer, even a 3 year old can work it out.

Yet, amid all their debt pushing the stakes are still very, very high for their gypsy circus of false land claims as backed by every politician allowed to be any near government. The latest news as of today 19th Feb, 2018, is that Netenyahu’s partners in crime are being rounded up. Link. Yet, our news shows Israel’s embassy in Poland has a swaztika drawn on the front gate?

Israel news

Turmoil – Oy vey, anti-Semitism


While all the Internationalists rally the cry of targeted disunity and disharmony, so the only one true method of uniting the people, of all nations, is thrown out of the window like the baby in the bathwater. The hard face of politics is to frown upon those who may have any ideas of National Socialism for all nations that choose that path, but communism prefers to kill all those with opposing arguments. Think about that for a moment. Is that really a sustainable mechanism of politics to bring people together? Disunity is what brings the Jews together. It’s the sneakiest trick in the book, make others fight against each other, then take the spoils when they’re worn out.

Show me someone who benefited from communist ideology in ways that benefited more than themselves? Show me a witness, other than those claiming reparations, who can substantiate the Jewish claim of 6 million dead at the hands of Germans. As far as I can tell, there’s only Jews who make such claims, and those who were sent to labour camps for the benefit of the common people, in a classless society in National Socialist Germany. Link.

The King of England who could never claim his throne, because the Russian Tsar’s family were killed in cold blood.

Who dare shape the history in the future that is being negotiated for us, other than the Jewish International Bankers and their satellites who put debt before life. What sick psychotic individuals help the narrative of death, destruction and a never ending slew of false rhetoric to buoy up Israel? Of course Israel has all of the answers to every problem, as it’s the only democracy, therefore everyone must follow their lead? I really don’t think people have yet come to understand the extent of their military operations of psychological warfare, in that it’s war by capitalism. If the market was possible to be balanced and grow in ways that serve the masses, then surely it would come to pass at one time? Even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

No, the bent on destructive economies and shaping the bleak future for children is the whole goal of the Jew. Finding it’s furthest reaches to cause misery by even so much as a simple letter. Yet, what position do these letters ultimately bring. They bring the positions of bullies who are merely there to exploit a broken and corrupt system. Imagine a world free of debt, what would Jews do then? Farm, build, join in with everyone else for a better world? Well, let me know when that happens, because as history dictates the future, their history, Jewish history, is nothing but parasitical.

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