Just How Jewish Are We?

Never Jewish enough, unless it’s illegal

So, I’m just searching about Mi6 and Israel, when a recent article from Times of Israel talks about the Head of Mi6 Frank Foley, and how the success’s of Mi6 are kept secret and failures made public. Of course I’d never heard of this story in the way the Times of Israel is talking about the secret service dedicated to foreign affairs of my country. Though, here we are, they, again, know more than me about virtually everything, and that everything is mostly Jewish, Domus Conversorum a great example. So, Frank had sent out ten thousand visas for Jews to flee Germany. Well, ten thousand’s a kind of number I know a little about. If ever you read anything about Taosim from Ancient China, then ten thousand is used to depict large numbers. Now, while I don’t dispute that that number of visas issued definitely did reach ten thousand, I’m frankly soundly assured it met many more thousands than that. I also believe how the law of immigration was loopholed, as there were zero grounds whatsoever to take on any Jews from anywhere. Yet, Frank “Phoney” Foley simply made them Mi5/6 agents. This how you control nations when you’re above the law. You just do, and then defend what you’ve done, either by secrecy, and/or by any means possible. What it amounts to is that there are now tens of thousands of Jews who have sprung from this illegal human trafficking operation in the civil side of Great Britain. Or maybe I’m mistaken and they’re still very much in the military? Either way they’re covert as hell!

Now, considering the amounts of Jews in Berlin amounted to 70,000 in 1933, then where does 6 million come from? It was a thing that the 2nd World War started because of the German wishes to be with the Fatherland, and that the Treaty of Versailles be quashed for being wholly unfair. Now, while French, Italians, Spanish and many more Europeans, including English and Americans alike, rallied to accept the peace offers of Herr Hitler during the run in the war, when he set about making the German People defensible again. So, the Polish Jews, Czech Jews, Jews in Austria and so many Jews leeching from the European richness of our culture, face ruin when not allowed to continue with their leeching.

I’m quite sure that reading through the article, and after further searches I find more articles of the ilk. I sense the chutzpah that the Jew managed to do everything illegal once again, and comes up smelling of roses, and is the great victim once again. Link.  Somehow I think that everything illegal about the operations will be dismissed, as everything illegal about World War 2 will be dismissed also. Absolutely despicable state of affairs. Link, link.

As Jews pay the lawmakers, and dupe the public, so it’s only fitting they get to  do crimes without fear of reprisals by who they pay. Link. They say crime doesn’t pay, well, it sure helps when it does. If they’re all removed from our societies, then the crime rates would drop to nigh on zero after about 2 weeks. Why, because there wouldn’t be need to rob, steal or pilfer, everything would be in abundance. Food, clothing, homes, life… Say goodbye to the Jew an all the problems the Jew brings disappear.


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