Politics Within Modern Popular Music – The Devil at the Crossroads

The Kosher Conundrum – Politics in Music

As the story goes, way down in the Deep South of the Mississippi Delta a young aspiring musician by the name of Robert Johnson did make a deal with a certain unnameable being that’s long been the point of conjecture. Yet, when we follow the paper trail of the receipts for payments for work, then lo and behold none other than Mr. Jew is all over it once again. From those very first early recordings of the Blues did the pilgrims of the crossroad make deals with the devil. Now, there was only one recording house of the day, and that was in Chicago, where many Negro musicians ventured in search of fame. Link.

There are many depictions of the devil, and none more clear than that of Jesus on the mountain top. The time where Satan offers the Lord the whole world, but Jesus is already two steps ahead and turns Satan away from his temptations by describing how he already owns it all, so why would he bow to Satan. Obviously this metaphor is exactly the same scenario as young aspiring “Robert Johnson’s” fall foul of the message of the Lord Jesus, who simply makes it clear that to sell your soul, is to sell your soul.

It’s well known the misery, destruction and lack of protection of so many great talents, yet, those who never fall foul and wish to remain free of the Jewish con-tracts, for the Jew is the Devil, then they often live the live’s they wish to craft. The list is virtually endless of those following the filthy lucre, and the music industry is nought but a great big Venus Flytrap for humans. The promise of great riches, fame and every decadent bit of materialism that can be mustered brings nothing but the end of spiritual existence.

Who would choose, for the sake of a few lousy bucks and the yoke of a highly exploitative and manipulative industry in exchange for their God given talents? Who would choose to walk blindfold along the plank of the pirate’s ship, on the promise of pirates? Yet, as the charts is now swamped with senseless garbage, so the over flow into festivals catches the eyes of the ever opportunistic Jew. The means to attach subversive messages using the vehicle of music and the crowds it can muster, is a well practiced art by the Jew. Link.


The CIA(Mossad) operation MK Ultra saw such CIA(Mossad) operatives as Timothy Leary bring the “benefits” of LSD to the fore, as the Public, as was brought the Sexual Revolution in order to continue the phases of the Frankfurt School Cultural-Marxist ideology that continues today, both in fashion and music. The positioning of themselves as the creators of the loans for the Central Banks to use as currency, link, then being lumbered with so much debt liability will cause mass psychological impairments. Now, the trick of the Jew is to openly put out what they’re doing, but obviously it’s not that they’re bound by rules of what conscience may frown upon, as they have none. Link.

So whereas the poor Jew struggles in his billionaire playboy mansions from LA to NYC, from Miami to Chicago, then the International aspect of the operation begins to open up, when everywhere one goes one has to have the Afro-American Trashy Nightclub Music thrust down their ears, because shekels goy. Link. No one chasing money takes a step back to understand the music “scene”, as it’s not a scene, it’s a production line, class system, where Mr. Jew is the Capitalist and Mr Goy is the Worker working for Mr. Jews Debt notes. In politics this is covered by the Jew Karl Marx’s Historical and Dialectical Materialism theories put into practice. So, whereas the European/Western Way is Paternal, so the Jewish way is Maternal. Link, link.

While people feel they are doing their best, without wondering the full extent of the exploitation within the music industry. So, the music industry fully pushes the messages via the uninitiated to speak in symbolism to the unwitting side of the Public mind. This is captured perfectly in the book Psychoanalysis and the Unconscious, where the author describes the quack mentality of the Jew, Sigmund Freud, who was nothing more than a greedy sadist, as pretty much all Jews are. The parallels I see from that book are that as with “music management” where the unsuspecting take for granted that their agents aren’t connected to the exploitation and manipulation, because basically it’s Hobson’s Choice on that matter. So, you can either choose the Jewish way, contracts, or carry on singing to the wall. Lawrence says that Freud has brought a non argument to the table talking about incest in the deep psyche, which just happened to become the norm in the mainstream narrative. Here’s the book in various formats. Link. I’m also adding the second book DH Lawrence on that subject, which he’d written two books in answer to Freud. I think the first is essential to understand the second, and very much the other way around also. Link.

The tragedy of the youth is that all they have seen is the same old, and that same old has been running the show since the 1950’s with Rock n’ Roll, which has it’s roots in the Blues and was known as Devil Music in that era. Certain artists were allowed to flourish, but as the insurance saying goes “Dean Men make more money than alive.” Then one gets an understanding, albeit a mere glimpse of the mentality of the insurers of the Entertainments Markets. No one moves in the Public without Public Liability Insurance, not that the courts aren’t there for actions to be brought as and when, thus nullyfying the need for any insurance whatsoever. This is where the old Social Security/National Insurance is supposed to spring as the Public Hazard (insurance)Bond for the Nationals of a nation. Obviously the concept of the National State in the Jewish Internationalist Globalist system(Capitalism is Communism) is abhorrent to the Jew and they will cause World Wars over their position as administration of the Communities at Large is the Franchise they’ve decided to put the lean on. Link.

So, in you come signing Oh Suzanna with yer banjer on yer knee, and Mr Jew is loading up the crack pipe to make sure you’re on the slippery slope to dependency, because you get no more goodies unless you keep subservient. Stay well clear of Mr Jew y’all, he’s not more than the Troll under the bridge.





  1. I was wondering while wandering like a wandering who why I’m not living large on legions indentured into the who of the who’s who but only have an audience that numbers in one or two or maybe at most a few and here your writing confirm my POV it’s ’cause my soul is too 卐 erudite 卍 so it just doesn’t fit quite right for who is the who in the who’s who so, thank you and this kind-of-rhymes so I’m guessing it’s quite probably true.

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    I was wondering while wandering like a wandering who why I’m not living large on legions indentured into the who of the who’s who but only have an audience that numbers in one or two or maybe at most a few and here your writing confirms my POV it’s ’cause my soul is too 卐 erudite 卍 so it just doesn’t fit quite right for who is the who in the who’s who so, thank you and this kind-of-rhymes so I’m guessing it’s probably true.

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