Kosher Catholicism, is not Catholicism

The Mockery of the Christ.

Finding more out about the world we live in brings up so many questions about the possibilities of what we perceive, currently, may be far from the mark of truthful reality. There are some common threads that underpin many far flung civilisations, and the disciplines they seem to follow. Yet, in the modern time we find those traditional values always undermined by the unnamed war mongers. Who, in various forms, are in cahoots with the Jewish International bankers. Ask any Catholic these days about the Church and who signed the Vatican into being as a single State only for Catholics, and you’ll most often be met with utter ignorance to the facts. Worse, they will discount the very victory of Jewish Bolshevik Communist ideology, Political Correctness, as not being valid, as “Churchill won the war”.

If only life was such and full of rainbows and unicorns, then we could all rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the “Good guys won”. When actually, it’s the other way around, the “Good goys won”, for the Jew masters who have literally murdered their way into the corridors of power by leveraging fear, deceit and blackmail. As the snowball continues down the rocky slopes of time gathering momentum and size. So the credibility of what’s being sold, by the Jewish narrative controllers, becomes fiercer and fiercer targeting young minds.

Festering in the employment fields, Jewish Political Correctness, as crafted from Zionist Freudian-Marxism(Sexual-Bolshevism, Sex-Economy, Cultural Marxism), shapes and moulds the young minds by trapping their souls in emotional vices. To spring forth an ever growing army based on Mixed-Race breeding, that serves to undermine the birth rates of Whites, and others, like the Chinese with their 1 parent policy, South Korea, with it’s Mixed Race breeding programme. The Jew of course wants to reach the apex of whatever biological frankenstein like qualities it can muster and justify by their own psychotic estimations.

Now, of course, everyone must be tolerant and wave the banner of whichever sort of Communism that the minority groups want, backed by the International Jewish Bankers of course. Even the mighty Pope, Head of the Catholic Church is defined by his role in giving Jews homage, deserved or not. As many people are unaware of the banking scandals of the Ambrosia Bank, the bank of the Catholic Church, so the controlled narrative lays the blame on Catholicism. It’s a crank call though. Who in their right minds can not see how the Church has been infiltrated and lost all power, yet, they carry on as if nothing has happened. Worse again, the host of followers deny the problems in the Church, so they have a religious cognitive dissonance that feeds Judaism and crumbles true Catholicism to a shell. Link.

People, on TV etc, call the North Korean regime Communists, but they gave it up, because it’s an impossibility to live a contradiction. Yet, the masses are kept terrified of non-Communism by the Jewish International Bankers and their endless lackies who promote Communism. You’ll never be offered the referendum, or other means of voting for Communism. Communism is only by way of “Revolution” and that the way of Judaism. So, Communism is born from Judaism, as is Capitalism of today’s Democracies.

As Jesus chased the money changers from the Temple, so the Catholic Church of today invites them in. There’s no denying that being in a Jewish Internationalist banking system takes all sovereignty away from the nations by taking the power of the issuance of money away. What Catholicism had brought to the table as the unifying spiritual doctrine of a healthy mind, healthy body, and cleanliness is next to Godliness, for the masses was hacked down from the point of inception World War 1 and the Russian “October” Revolution. Obviously much has happened, and the curtain needs to be protected at all times, but here’s just a few stories of the Vatican of late. Link, link, link, link.



  1. The problem for the Catholic Church is all the errors that entered the Church because of Vatican II (1962-1965). The Church, sorry to say, reached out to the Jews and hoped for some kind of rapprochement. This has not stopped the Jews from continuing to try to subvert and destroy the Catholic Church. It is very sad.

    Be aware that there are many traditional Catholics who are not going along with these changes to the Church’s teachings. Worldwide, there is a growing push back against Francis’ power plays.

    Let us not overlook that the late Pope, John Paul II, made (by fiat) “anti-Semitism” into a sin. But, who defines what anti-Semitism is? We must be very careful and skeptical of such papal fiats.

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