The Whittling

Who believes it’s real?

Just in, more cocaine news, so much to report about it, that I can’t even be bothered, but heed this. They are setting people up to get involved in illegal activities to lock them up. This has long been a mysterious quarter of how Jews run the prison systems via their insurance investment schemes floated on the stock markets. Obviously, numby the numbskull will tell me I’m talking rubbish, but go and ask any prison governor if he’s insured to do what he does, if his men are, if the buildings are.

“Fools rush in where angels fear to tread”

This is well known between the Jewish noses, who also love that ole saying, a fool and their money are easily parted. So wake up people. Find better ways to express your frustrations and steer well clear of Mr. Jew and his “other-worldly” (Financial world) doings, because he’ll have you in handcuffs as soon as look at you. There maybe some hope though. As temptation is thrust upon our people by Mr. Jew and his looney lackies, and the paupers of their foreign dominions fall for every trick in their book. By getting stoned, out of their minds, blasting off on heroin, coke snorting, the whole unbalanced way that Mr Jew bleeds into our societies under his control, and not necessarily with the seasons as past traditions have dictated. There you have another “modern” mode of Cultural-Marxism(Sex-Economy).

When sending out your V.O’s to your loved ones and friends, remember these words. NEVER TRUST A JEW! Link, link, link.

More links of how Mr. Jew sets up the drugs, then gets you nicked. Obviously it’s well known Jewess’s Louise Ellman and Luciana Berger are working back to back to make sure our streets our flooded in Liverpool. It’s oh so simple for the Jew to incite people into the trade with the lure of the filthy lucre for the devil’s dandruff, then it’s off to prison you go soft lad. Link, link, link, link, link. One would think that in a country barely 70 years old, and all the whinging they did for it, and how much victims they say they are. You’d think butter wouldn’t melt, yet the whole criminal hideout State, Israel, is being torn apart by their corrupt nature. Link.

“When addicts think they rule because the stuff they get from their dealer says tells them they do, then we have some seriously unhinged compromised slaves running around wildly to get money for their harbingers.” Link. Is it really still paranoia when they really are coming to kill you? Link. By the way, if you think your Jew dealer has everything sewn up for you sending money to Jew off-shore bank accounts, then those days are coming to an end also. Link.


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