There’s No Pedophilia in North Korea – Oy vey, anti-Semitism

Protect the world’s children from sexual predators and deviants

There’s no bestiality, homosexuality nor drug epidemics rendering the native people dead, or worse. Our so called “Greatest Ally”, Israel, is always involved in the “Minority Rights” groups. Yes, minorities have rights, they have the rights of the monorities. When your people are being outnumbered worldwide, then it’s time to start challenging the game plan here.

So, whereas, we’re told we have the best troops, yet the streets are flooded with drugs from the exact places they’re based. On the home fronts the porous borders have all sorts of trash coming in to further buffer and distract from the ONLY problem. North Korea has no Jews in Public Office. Imagine that! Not one lonesome wandering Jew to pull the strings from behind the scenes.

This could be why Jews have an eternal problem to match their eternal victimhood. The ties between, what once was, a reserved China, may spark something that Israel doesn’t want to take on. Despite turning Beijing(Peking) and Shenzen into a hive of underground debauchery. Most recently President Xi made way for himself and his crew by sacking 1 million public officials, then the next thing is, the army’s walking around in new kit. I’m no expert, but who has their noses in anyone’s business when it comes to trade? The International Jew, the Eternal Victims. Link.

Now, the Jew at the head of the Church of England, Justin Welby, says little boys can wear “tiaras and high heels” if they want. Things like that have been known to get those types of people stabbed in the throat and what not. It’s ridiculous to preach about other people’s children, it’s UnGodly! They’re there for Spiritual Guidance, not the promotion of pedophilia and the sexualisation of children. If I ever see this (((Holy Man))) he will be guaranteed a smack in the chops. He may not like it, but he needs to learn to keep his trap shut on such issues. Link.

So, while the powerless majority are snowed in by (((Liberalism))) from foreign source, Jewish Internationalists, we’re supposed to sit back and carry on regardless? Hang on, I’m not that brain dead, despite the shit in the food, the air, the toxicity of the economy and the constant war on White People. There is coming a time, very soon, when our people will be pushed too far. It’s soon coming, and we are the ones with great allies the world over. Let them try to push onto the people of conscience this demonic way that they’ve been proliferating for thousands of years. Were flesh has no value to them unless lining their pockets to do their bidding.

They have a problem, and for every problem they have I’ll be shouting it from the rooftops that what they do, and are doing, is not only morally wrong, they have no morals, but it’s simply plain wrong!


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