Alder Hey Liverpool.

With 10 years spent studying what Jews do, each and everyday brings new horrors about them. When Jews are excluded from nations, nations do prosper.

Peter Quiggins (Tierney) ''Killer Culture''

It has to be said as a warning because, no Zio-Journalist will even allude to it.

I’ve always been suspicious of the Liverpool Children’s #Alderhey Hospital organ scandal and there’s no smoke without fire :-

:Worldwide Market Fuels Illegal Traffic in Organs – Link Here….

:Global organ trafficking network – Link Here…

:Jewish organ trafficking Center where kidnapped Syrians are stripped of their entire bodies – Link here

:Israeli Kosher Nostra criminals trafficking Syrian children’s body organs – Link Here. 

:Doctor admits Israeli pathologists harvested organs without consent – Link Here

:Israeli Organ Harvesting: From Moldova To Palestine.  Link Here….

:Kosovo organ donor ring: the Israeli connection – Link Here...

Organ Donors are Alive when their Organs are Harvested.

:Prior to 1968 a person was declared dead only after their breathing and heart stopped for a determinate period of time.
The current terminology “Brain Death” was unheard…

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