When Students Decide The Curriculum, Then We Know We Have Anarchy And Not Democracy

The Mixed Race People, minority rule, want their African and Asian Roots included in the Cambridge University Curriculum.

Not content with being allowed privileges above and beyond the English and Europeans, the mixed race Kalergi tribe and other foreign entities demand that fringe and obscure non Whites are added to the esteemed classical Cambridge University education, because they say so? The slap I would have got for suggesting such, when being a schoolboy, let alone university student, would have been across the face for sure. And deservedly so.

KKK the Rabbi told me to do it1
It’s University not Diversity

As with all these foreigners taught by Jews how to play the victim card whenever the task ahead is no match for them, they rely on a Jewish piggyback to the front of the queue. As recently in UK(England and Wales) with computer programming/coding exam results, the boys dominated by a long chalk, oy vey sexism. That’s not at all to derogate the girls, oy vey. It’s just happened the the boys walked it with much higher scores than the girls. Why can boys not be better in general at something, just for once? I remember being in school and the boy’s did well in some subjects, the girl’s in others, and also mixed results in various subjects. It was almost automatic as to who got what results, everybody knew before hand, there or thereabouts.

Not only is education racist, now it’s sexist too!

As the dumbing down of education gets dragged further and further through the ridiculous demands of the foreigners, brought here by Jews. They won’t go to the esteemed universities of the countries that they say their heroes hail from. Why won’t they? To learn Chinese Wushu I went to China, to learn Spanish guitar I went to Spain, to learn Commercial Law I went to America. I wouldn’t expect to get anywhere near the purity of educating anywhere else in those subjects. Maybe Jewish universities can be lobbied to teach about their strong subjects, mass cold blooded murder, how to loot and plunder by proxy through fake benevolence and how to utilise the lie. Oxford and Cambridge were just confirmed as the No.1 and 2 top universities on this planet, therefore education is racist, but only in White countries. Change the record now, that same time got boring already. What if there are university degrees to match the continents of Asia and Africa, why study them in Europe? At the elitist most prestigious places one would expect a pure form of English education in England? It’s as usual quite ridiculous to hear these claims of “White Supremacy” in White countries, because White People are indigenous to here.

What Jews call persecution, everybody else calls a job.

We keep forever getting sold that Black Slaves had it so bad, yet there wasn’t any Black Slaves in England, and there never has been. People say “but the boats came from Africa…” but the boats nothing. SLAVES FROM AFRICA DID NOT TOUCH THESE SHORES!!! The African slaves sold into slavery were captured by Jews and other Africans, not Europeans. Hitler wasn’t fighting for to have slaves, he fought to abolish the slavery  a of the Europeans. Let them lobby for that home truth to be taught in universities. There mixed “mulattoes” they came here after World War two, to “settle”. The Profumo Affair collapsed a government importing them from the Caribbean and giving them high end status to help Jews subvert English politics and act as a buffer as Muslims also do now. Even Bob Marley was a Jew. No one knows about Jews!!! It’s paramount to learn about them and then work from there.






Oy vey, Ethiopians blamed by Jews for ruining the Rasta parties in Israel.
Shut It Down!

In the film Chariots of Fire, the Jew was torn up inside that he was being persecuted because life. The Jew will always think of something to find how the Jew can be the flavour of the month. So while Kalergi’s minions do the hard work there will be a Jew in the wings ready to take all the glory for bringing English culture down yet another notch. Why aren’t the mixed people asking for more Englishness, or Europeaness? Dickens, Dante, Rosenberg, Du Exubery or even Heidegger or Jung? Why is it so important that the colour of skin has to be a separate hue from our folk? Maybe they should all go to Birobijdan and help form the next phase of the Jewish Autonomous Region and put a big wall around it for when the criminal hideout of the Jews, Israel is disbanded for World Peace!!! Link.

Jews deserve their own homeland, drag all Jews to Birobijdan for World Peace!


  1. Hi Pete. Great article. It is really interesting how all these other races reserve the right to hate Whitey yet they always come to our Universities. The politics of envy!

    1. Hi Carmen, great to hear from you. 🙂 I have added a few more sentences to further highlight the important points. Thanks for your comment. Why aren’t they going to Libya, Iraq, Kuwait and Vietnam? They’re all (((liberated))) aren’t they? It’s amazing how important White countries become when it comes to spreading Communism.

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