Setting the Record Straight – Einstein v Tesla

ll_rad_tescoil02 Einstein_and_ben_gurion.jpg.w300h316

Pitting the practicality of Alternating Current of Tesla against the practicality of the Jew Einstein’s “Theory of Relativity”, one can only conclude that the uses of alternating current that we use today far, far outweigh any, if any, uses of the theory of relativity. The practical uses of Tesla’s inventions obviously we’re seeing Jew, Elon Musk, being allowed to capitalise on. Yet, who can capitalise on anything Einstein contributed?

If we compare the two “geniuses” side by side and the contributions made, we find that the only statements to make run deep. Link. That Einstein was integral, together with many other Jews, in the formulating of the cold blooded murders of so many millions of people. Whereas Tesla was not at all interested in the killing of people, but in the service of people. Link. This thread we can see replicated all over wherever Jews appear. Genius v genius and the Jew will always contribute nothing, yet be escalated to the higher echelons of humanity.

While the non Jew will be used by Jews, so shall Jews find their ways to continually bombard their narrative on the public. Usually by so many other Jews who have been (((randomly))) escalated in ways that serve the public at large to think they must be super Jews. Obviously no one follows through on what Jews do, or everyone would know their job positions throughout Upper Manhattan and how they have boxed in the trades on insurance deals which is how government is really done. All the publicly tradeable commodities, of which there are an enormous amount. Link.

The governments fall silent on this issue of Internationalism, or Globalism, because they are not allowed to speak about Nationalism. So as they carry on regardless of how they hurt the national economies of any nation, then the part of interest, the nation, is simply replaced by the interest of the Jew, internationalism. Hence the title of Henry Ford’s might tome, “The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem.”. Ford was a socialist in the vein of Owen – “The lowest stage of humanity is experienced when the individual must labour for a small pittance of wages from others.” – Robert Owen. Ford made huge strides in providing just returns for the workforce, yet Einstein is the genius?

By letting the Jewish Central Bank dictate as to what interest rates they will charge a nation for the use of what was paper, which is now mostly electronic, and 1 in 4 dollar amounts of that go via Amazon now. How are the nations serving the public? How are the taxes levied on the people to fund this internationalist tax free world for the cronies of Jews and their lapdogs? Obviously the closing of ranks of people in high places is the obvious answer, as it is the only reasonable conclusion.

Finding that President X, Chancellor Y and Prime Minister Z are all nothing but foremen for the real bosses, one has to raise some issues of employment law. Like, yes, we have a voting system, yes it’s obviously fair isn’t it, because we’re in the throes of internationalism and we vote on a national scale… hmm. When Churchill said “The truth must be guarded by an army of lies.”, he wasn’t kidding. We were being further sold down the river in this ever present looting of all of our nations by the landless Godless Jew. There’s nothing so devious as Jews when it comes to being devious, they wrote the scrolls on it. Link.

Big yes to us all being slaves to the money system, which I don’t run, I’m sure the readers don’t run. I know useful idiots are employed to help run the thing, but they have no clue what’s going on, and they have that yoke, the mortgage, Jewish Shetar, wrapped around their necks. “Some call it Communism, I call it Judaism.” is a famous quote, and not wrong. In the past the US Army had leaflets about how Jews run communism. Nowadays the Jews run the US Army. The Jews have the appointments of command over nuclear warheads.




Liars, cheats and murders: Link.


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