Squirrels – With every wrap sold, another child is squirrelled away

Jew Sir Israel Brodie KBE (10 May 1895 – 13 February 1979) was the Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth 1948–1965. Grand Chaplain’ in the United Grand Lodge of England.

Freemasonry under Jewish control since at least the time of Rabbi Brodie. The secret networks of pedophiles have worked behind the scenes preying on children within the social services and now the “deep web”. Link. Link. With such Jews as Alan Yentob, Emma Freud, Ben Elton and JJ Abrams behind the scenes writing what is produced on the TV, then how can we be sure the secret networks aren’t in charge of the scripting for TV too? Certainly we seem to see more and more apologising for (((fake news))), it’s become an actual thing now. Governments get what they want, there are no mistakes with governments. They get what they pay for and it’s all orchestrated every step of the way.

Let’s imagine for a moment there wasn’t a secret network of masonic Jews busy controlling what was allowed on TV, then how would that be on a day to day basis?And, in contrast, let’s imagine there are masonic Jews busy working away in secret networks controlling TV, how would that be? Link. Link. So while we are yet to learn of even one person who was jailed during the 12 year era of National Socialism in Germany under Adolf Hitler, then we are to follow out orders from these foreign Jews, because they control freemasonry? Let’s have it right, the German penal system under Hitler has not had one single name released for crimes committed, but as usual with Jew tricks, they have projected their criminality onto the German people.

It’s soon the 4th of November and 100 years since the Jewish Bolshevik take over of Russia, where at least 5 children were killed in cold blood. Yet what do we get, Jewish propaganda that the USSR was some kind of normal thing. As Sexual Bolshevism and Cultural Marxism lead from the point of Political Correctness then no wonder people need stimulants to paint the illusion in their brains that they are ok in life.  Link. Link. (First link appears to be blocked by some providers)

As long as the secrecy continues with what actually happened to the Germans at the end of the National Socialist Germany, then the jury is still out as far as I’m concerned. In this the court of the Public Conscience I do my best to bring justice to the fore. Obviously I’m a tiny voice compared to the Journalists of the world, yet my research seems to be in line with many good alternative researchers in the similar field. I do not know how or why all of these events came to be at their inception, ie, where do Jews come from, but I know where they’re leading us, and it isn’t pretty. We have a chance to stop them and it may take every ounce of spirit and grit, but it has to be worth the sacrifice. Link.

I do my very best here to give a neutral opinion and to be quite frank facts in favour of Jews simply do not appear to be there, despite all of their rhetoric. Jews are a kind unto themselves, they know it, and it’s about time the general concensus accepts it also. Please look into the prison system of National Socialist Germany, or the justice system, and you’ll find, as I do, there is no documentation allowed in the public domain. Which is a bit weird considering we’re supposed to have won the war, but all we seem to have won is Jewish hegemony.

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