Sajid David – Borrow More – Rory Stewart – Kill ISIS…

British Police in their latest garb

Sajid David won’t be borrowing money for whatever country he or his family’s from, but he will be borrowing money on behalf of the UK(England and Wales) taxpayers. What a little darling he is. Not that UK(England and Wales) haven’t the slightest need to borrow, as we’re the 4th largest eco-no-money on this planet. Yet, there’s nothing in the coffers for us to invest in ourselves? He’s saying that the need for social housing and shared equity housing has arrived. Well, the homeless shelters are ALL full. The prisons are ALL full. The amount of non Europeans entering the country seems to be a figure that has dropped off the radar. And here he, Sajid, is telling us we need to borrow.

I’m sure that for a worthy cause most out of work builders would muck in for free to get houses built for our needy. That builders merchants would donate building materials for free. That soccer teams would be more than happy to bend over backwards to help the communities that afford their gajillion £££’s wages for the 90 minutes the players provide, no? How about Sir Elton John, where’s he now when money needs borrowing? Sir Philip Green? UK has more billionaires per capita than anywhere else, and “our” minister for culture says we need to borrow now for houses? What???

If Sajid David really wants to invest in housing for UK(England and Wales) let an Englishman or Welshman have his job and employ 3-D printing. 3-D printing builds a 400 metre sq house for about £7 and a 1/2 thousand pounds. A house built conventionally costs between £30-50 thousand, or more. Why doesn’t he then take that technology back to wherever it is that he and his roots hail from, and invest in that technology himself for his people? Link. What’s the chances Sajid is only after more business loans for his Jew mates/masters in the City of London Jew banks?



Meanwhile the Jewish Bolshevik Brainwashing Company are reporting this news:- Link.

Shareholders are on track to receive a record £94bn in dividend payouts from UK listed companies this year, according to a study.

It comes after payouts leapt to £28.5bn in the three months to end-September, a record for a third-quarter.

The increase, which includes a rise in special dividends, was driven by bigger payouts from mining companies.

The previous annual record, according to the report from Capita Asset Services, was £88.1bn, paid in 2014.

Rory Stewart says “Kill ISIS”, I don’t know what Prime Minister Netanyahu has to say, but that is quite anti Jewish considering ISIS is Israel. Go on Rory, spill the beans! Here’s some pics of Rory, who is the Foreign Minister.



He looks a shilling short of a fivepence if you ask me.

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