SOS!!! SOS!!! Approaching Halloween 2017 – SOS!!! SOS!!!


Does anyone not see what I’m seeing here? As the Church of England worries about the important stuff, so the lesser important children get raped and murdered. Just how far away from reality are we going to be allowed to go before people start to wake up to this kind of horror that is constantly being deliberately posted in such order all over the web.

It doesn’t matter if you are reading about some three year old girl being sex slaved by heroin dealers from somewhere like Pakistan, or 4 year old boy getting passed round in sodomy festivals for Afghans, or any foreigner that is getting up to all sorts, while our children die and are raped.

It’s like we’re all just sitting ducks because of business needing to be done before quality of life. It’s way beyond scandalous what’s being allowed to take place here. Why isn’t it being shouted from the rooftops as an URGENT ALARM!!!

SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!!SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!! SOS!!!

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