Cocaine – The New Mortgage of Debt to Zio-Marxist Politically Correct Bankers

coca the new mortgage

It’s a dependency racket to make people dependent on external sources. As the population moves away from “Home ownership” due to the endless nightmares that has caused, so people are opting for “renting”. Living in your own country now means that not only do you fund the newly imported zio-marxist politically correct voting block, foreigners, set to take over Parliaments, Congresses and Assemblies in our countries. Whereby the land is “supposed” to belong to the people, the nations finances are “supposed” to belong to the people. Yet here we are with child rape through the roof, child murders hitting streets up and down the country, traffic nuisance completely out of control, yet tolerated and the ever predatory banks laundering every single bit of money made through the continuing misery brought about by drug induced psychotic episodes. We’ve seen nothing so far, as the next wave of drug, Fentanyl, begins to be mixed with cocaine, were it was mixed with heroin before to produce a fifty times stronger effect. Link. (Link with video)

fentanyl 1.jpg
Fentanyl mixed with cocaine has the capacity to kill in very small doses.

With that, this new mixture has the capacity to kill in very small doses, when does quality control become a factor in the purchasing of such commodities? When are your guarantees kept by the unscrupulous pushers who will sell to people known to be incapacitated, financially ruined and both physically and psychologically dependent? Gone are the smarts in people’s discernments when painting the tiles red. Where are the hordes of equality chanters now? Why are drugs of this magnitude allowed to reach the labs, let alone the streets? Who’s thinking up this malaise of incessant attacks on our people? Link.

top 20
List is continued in link directly under this image.


How does Albania go from what it not long since was, the last remaining Stalinist State to being the country with the most cocaine users, when cocaine is said to be the rich man’s drug? Well, as with anything unscrupulous one need not look much further than (((British))) politics and Tony Blair’s Jewish mentor Henry Kissinger.



As the mysteries reveal themselves regarding the cocaine and the Albanian mafia, so the multiple paedophile convictions of Tony Blair’s New Labour can be found, at least forty convictions, at this link. Link. Every debauchery in society will somewhere have Jews in among the ring leaders, as with charities, medicine, money and anything that needs administering for the trusting goyim to be easily led. – “A fool and their money are easily parted.” ~ English Proverb.

The unscrupulous bankers who patrol the money markets with super highly sophisticated software programs the likes of which the average man on the street could barely fathom in a hundred years. Yet simply put they jump on every single available deal as they crop up on the electronic computerised markets. It’s largely why we’re living in a boom/bust eco-no-money all of these years, because the quasi artificial intelligence softwares bundle everything up without cross referencing. With the nature of business being driven by the 9-5 time constraints, so the pressure mounts come feeding time at 9am till 5pm smack on the button. Link.

When dependence on the “home owners” seemed to lay with the banks, ie, the banks were to make a lot of money and were dependent on people deciding to buy their own homes from the local councils. This money was thought to be generated back into the eco-no-money, that was the bait and switch. It went to fund Internationnalism as banks joined with massive corporations. As people were fooled with the sell off of council properties that people could move away from social housing. They all literally fell at the first because what they had actually bought was a whole slew of Jewish Zio-Marxist Politcally Correct debt. The Berlin Wall came down on the back of it, that’s how rich the pickings were. The Jews from former Communist Russia high tailed it to New York and Israel, in that order. People were sent credit cards through the post as the whole thing took flight for people to have a better class of living.

Instead what we saw was an ill disciplined middle class get created from nothing, while industry was deconstructed by the unions. Now, people opt to rent and not to buy, so the onuses to have the costly mortgage payments are decreased as it has become the fashion for the landlords to carry the burdens with buy to let mortgages. This then allows the debt to be spread over a sort of richer clientèle for the banks, as now the landlords house will be deemed safe, and the rental property will be the thing up for repossession in that scenario. They say money is the root of all evil, well when university students take on unpayable debts to go to university for useless degrees that will make them part of the Perestroika Deception killing machine, but they can’t see it. They don’t want to see it, because their minds are fixed on what they’ve been sold, the Jewish dream of Communism wrapped up in Capitalism. A scenario of ownership, yet built on a reality of debt. Where no thing is allowed to be owned, as it is never paid for, nor never can be in fact, as all the Jewish debt money is debt, and you can’t pay a debt with a debt.

As the people who bought houses with mortgages did not know they were buying, in fact were buying loans. So the university students, who have much, much less life experience, are completely falling for the same scam wrapped up in different ribbons. That is all a continuation of Stalinist Dialectical and Historical Materialism. Link.

The dialectical Anarchy – 2 meanings, one favoured, the other implemented.

There’s no way to get around things unless you take the bull by the horns and wrestle the thing to the floor. There is definitely more to the cocaine pandemic than meets the eye. It’s barely a recreational drug, as the mental institutions are full of cocaine addicts who have lost all sense of reality. The brain functions at particular wave lengths to survive in a natural environment. When the brain is continuously over stimulated by such a narcogen, then obviously chemical imbalances will occur.

coca da cokey
Excerpt of the Wikipedia entry on the topic of cocaine. It’s the “reward pathway” that is of particular interest.

This “Reward Pathway” acts as a trigger sending impulses back to the brain that the activity the person is involved in is good. This is the problem with cocaine users, they actually are in a manufactured dream world, were the brain has been taken over by a virus like loop that acts in a similar way to a computer virus. It goes straight up the nose and into the brain at the reward pathway which can be seen in the following frame.



It’s literally the dog chasing it’s own tail, with the Jewish Zio-Marxist Politically Correct Bankers funding the military style operation making sure that it’s readily available in great abundance, because people can’t afford to buy their own homes in their own countries? Link.

dog chase

So, from Columbia to Albania somehow this magical devil’s dandruff travels all over the place, is highly sought after, yet illegal? And the banks continue to make money hand over fist while the homeless centres are full to the brim. The streets are littered with beggars and police chasing them for drugs? What kind of crank country are we allowing to take over our lives?



This whole manufactured chaotic destructive and organised anarchy is all set up to catch “criminals” run insurance rackets on the jails and prisons and gain leverage via blackmail.


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