Zio-Marxist occupied politically correct governments


Bamboozling the Goyim is the top job for the well catered for Politically Correct lapdogs of the Jews. As the imported voting block are manufactured for the indigenous mugs who will buy anything these crooks are selling by now, fall yet again to the next wave of Jewing by Jews, Fentanyl. Link.

heroin NY
This cannot be the future for children, as it is no future at all.

heroin US.jpg

heroin UK.jpg

Where are the politicians as our ageing population dies off and the youth are given the opportunity to choose suicide by cocaine abuse, or suicide by heroin abuse? Is that not of National importance to the countries concerned, or do we just stack up the stinking rotting corpses up, because Shlomo, the Jew, wants to play Al Pacino as Scarface the Jewish Communist sent to Florida on his kamikaze mission, because America is Anti-Jewish at heart? How can it be Pro-Jewish, when all Jews want to do is kill everyone and takeover?


Jewish Zio-Marxist Politically Correct Bolshevik Communism as depicted by the NSDAP in a street festival in Cologne in 1938. They’re not wrong.

So why would politicians, in this well established and proven Internationalist system not be bought an sold already? What’s so insanely toxic about any sort of Nationalism when it comes to foreigners simply buying you off, because politicians are weak? England is well regarded as an extremely prosperous and culturally rich place. Famous throughout history for her vital energy, ingenious ways of implementing engineering and mechanics. The list is as long as your arm for the things that England herself, not to mention her neighbouring countries and strongest allies, Wales, Ireland/Northern Ireland and Scotland. All deeply steeped in rich culture and interesting peasantry pursuits. But now… the whole thing, and Europe en masse is being slaughtered to make room for supermarket coca-cola culture as orchestrated by Tel Aviv.



Treated as long being forgotten, the romantic European dream of a secure and loving family environment is now treated with such contempt and disdain to make it seem as if those things are but mere tokens of the past. That if we’re very, very lucky Shlomo will loan us a few thousand bucks just to enjoy that primary consumer good until the enormous manufactured in Tel Aviv pressures of home economics make everything fall apart and create the new 2nd class men out of a sterile women folk who have been empowered by way of their vagina. Or, in other words the man hadn’t been turned into what men have become now, which is a shadow of the men of before, yet they spring from the same land. They have all the same latent attributes waiting to be realised as potentials that can soar our countries back to the top, yet this time without Israel sucking the very lifeblood out of us.

Let’s do some math. Let’s say, as an example, these hundreds of millions that we see getting bandied about in the football leagues, from Italy to Germany, from Spain to UK. Well, where could that gambling money have gone? Better class of infrastructure for the government bodies to serve the people well? (Note: Class is not referring to people, but services) To maintaining fishing levels, farming levels and transport levels. So whereas it has become politically incorrect to fish, farm and have clean transport, lest we get invaded by… Saudi Arabia?? So, each thing has been allowed to fall away and patched up in a patchwork quilt of ever increasing foreigners being brought here, while we die off? Fair deal?

Take Europe of fifty years ago, there wasn’t anything like the numbers of Pakistanis, Turkish, Indians, Africans, Chinese and Arabs that we see today. We had “Mom and Pop shops” were the family legacies would be passed on. Now it’s ok saying it’s a changing world blah, blah, but the gripe of Jews who were asked to leave Germany after 1933 is that they were not allowed to breed their children there any longer. The “Holocaust” as they call it, never happened until about 1972 when some Jew came up with that idea to blame Germans for doing whatever they say happened, and ridiculously we have been led to believe it.

No way in hell
There is no way in a million years that German soldiers would have done anything the Jews have wet dreams over. I’d definitely believe Jews did this to Ukranian babies when the Red Army arrived. That is exactly what Germans were fighting against and why they had the Axis powers to stop Jewry doing exactly what they’re doing now, trying to take over the world.

Here is the link for the above photo, which I’d found when researching the Chief Rabbis list for UK. Link. Link. I worked as a bricklayer until I woke up from that deeply induced coma, and have endeavoured since to break through the chains of what I have come to know as completely Jewish hegemony on my environment. It’s no easy task, but I’ve made it as simple as I can for myself, and hopefully the footprint here on this blog, and wherever I manage to get a platform, though it’s becoming more difficult even to load stuff up now, photos and whatnot.

People are busy running around in the Conspiracy Theory, which is led, at least where anything important is concerned is led by the Jew. Try it for yourself and post something of value that you have worked out for yourself and doesn’t include Jews. If it’s as valuable as you feel, then it will have legs right? You’l be the next Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, all Jewish geniuses that however would you match? Zuckerberg stole Facebook from his non Jew friends. Jobs got his idea of the OS from his fellow pirate, Bill Gates, who literally ripped off the guy who invented that language and whether he actually even got the money I am not sure, but I bet he got nothing. Then Musk, riding high on the crest of his green energy wave from Tesla’s files that are held by the CIA. Link. The CIA, based at Tel Aviv, yet appearing to be “American”. Hollywood glams up all the knobbly bits, Netflicks puts it out as some sort of fringe subversive kinda cult thing, and hey presto, everyone’s pandering to Tel Aviv. That’s how you train up slaves without them even knowing they’re slaves to it. “The best slaves are the slaves who don’t know they’re slaves.” – Christian Walters.

cia 22.jpg
Independent woman determines she’ll work for the CIA. Want to buy a bridge?


With all of the hoo-har, where do people turn to for protections paid for by taxes? Well, who’s gonna lever that into place, as it seems to me the govts are totally flying their own pirates ships, the leaders are all weak as hell and the people have all but been bullied into compliance. I mean the whisper on the street for a long time now has been, “Raise your head above the parapet, and it will get cut off.” Oy vey anti Semitism. Yet, the Jews behind the govts makes sure the arts are full with Jews, industry is led by Jews, start-ups are all allowed only from Jews, and especially in Israel. Every last thing that you can think of has been well accounted for by the Jew. He is not more than a fly on the wall counting how much shit he can regurgitate back on the mounds so he can then eat more than his fare share.

So, the Jew is not so dumb as to let contingencies go, and sets up all the drop out type places that are the “alternative lifestyles” empowering in ways that govts can’t touch, oy vey ant Semitism. The nice govt taking your taxes to put into their Swiss Bank accounts ran by the Jew bankers who were booted out of Berlin from 1933-36. Again, for new readers, the most astonishing part about the whole debacle, is that were one might think the gross injustices of National Socialist Germany would be backed up with verifiable proof. Then no, only one sided testimonies are allowed. This controlling of the narrative has long been like a metaphorical sieve for those with eyes to see. My point is, the court records are not available. This fact is a crucial point in the evidencing of the claims that are being made on our European cousins the Germans, Italians and others, who all suffered greatly by way of rope or worse.

We are not dealing with reasonable people here, we are dealing with extremely unreasonable psychotic tribes people foreign to our lands and having landed our govts to follow their will, then finding more legitimate ways to rob us is ever more the quest of the plight. It’s always easier for the hunter to hunt, than the hunted to hide. We need to wake up!


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