The disappointing female manufactured by Jewish lawyers promoting liberalism by undermining Constitutional protections

Society is always going to have various ebbs and flows, but nothing can be natural about the differences we see these days in the women folk who believe they are justified in following a hypnotic trance that is shaping their world about them in ways they take on as being “normal”. There’s not a cat in hell’s chance that these ladies are being allowed to thrive as they could to their maximum potentials. Never in a million years in normal circumstances would anyone, let alone women hypnotised by the world’s biggest snake oil salesmen, bid to take away their natural function as human beings, is there?

You can’t simply decode people’s minds without subjecting them to massive conditioning. Yes, people are like input/output systems, that is the conditioning. When you can find ways to bring up the levels of intellectualism, artistry, education, emotional and spiritual fulfillment then you have something of a civilisation that is spiraling upwards to levels of sustainability by nourishing the needs of the individuals and the group as a whole. The topic of clean food and water, what has become to be known as “organic”, as opposed to inorganic? How about natural materials for clothing manufacture, they’re definitely of much higher qualities simply by the fact that the fabric’s content is made from stuff that is a like kind of ourselves, in that it is natural. Sometimes, I can’t believe I have to go to these lengths to counter what is Jewish political rhetoric clouding the minds of the people, and common sense is drowning in a sea of Jew logic.

Be that as it may, I persevere until this garb of financial jiggery pokery is unwravelled that I may enjoy a better life together with others of my kind in my country. I don’t need to have loans thrust into a bank account I don’t have. I don’t need cocaine, heroin or other benign substances to pep me up or bring me down, because I’ve learnt and am learning a better way. A way of more than just sustenance, more than petty crime can warrant, even more than the current civil engineering industry provide.

My search seemed somewhat endless, but as I searched I sought nuggets out from many unsuspecting places and was often ridiculed for it. From reading through tales of heroism in languages I couldn’t understand, watching beautiful theatre productions that should’ve been way above my pay grade. Finding beauty were others may not and seeking out explanations to why I could see and feel it from poetry, literature and the arts.


Profound wisdom I could find everywhere, and stringing it together in ways that my own subconscious could understand. Then to convey it back to my conscious mind so I could practically use it for experiencing again a joy in life that I perhaps have, or had, not experienced since as a small baby until about the age of 4. Living in a society swimming in mass confusion, where some know the rules by making them, I always felt disadvantaged because of lack of support, and not through lack of gumption. Yet, finding a woman who didn’t have £$£$ in her eyes became such a minefield that I couldn’t make head nor tail of it and was ultimately bitten by communism.

Tis indeed a strange, strange land we live in. One that is sold to us on the one hand, yet the reality dictates a completely different reality, and those terminals who expound the lie always seemed somehow aloof and content in their aloofness. Always upsetting people and never looking to bring rise for settlement. I’ve since worked all that out, and it stemming from how the Jews have hijacked the legal system. The reason why that’s the place to keep  under a state of hijacked is that from the king all justices flow.

Does Lord Blackstone need introduction?

It’s funny, or rather my life is and I’m like a bit part player, but often times so many outrageous things happen to me. Unbelievable things that I do my best to explain in the most truthful way that I can, but no matter how truthful I am, the events of my life are just too unbelievable. I really couldn’t even begin to tell you, but I’ll tell you this. I had taken up martial arts, and yet, even as peaceful as that ultimately is, due to Jewish stigma, because they don’t want people able to defend themselves.  I decided that I’d teach myself how to play classical guitar, and then I could, when mastered, show that I was in fact a diligent student when allowed to study that which I had interest in. And I guess I must eternally thank my mum for pushing me to be such an incredible reader. Thanks mum. Even though I don’t think I was supposed to undo world Jewry for myself just by reading. Hey ho the wind and the rain.

Above is depicted 2 separate scenes as representation of my understanding of the worth of women by first National Socialist Germany and second by Jews. Given the choices the first picture represents to me such a delight of the fruits of true love. Were family virtues and natural order are naturally woven into the fabric of everyday life. The second is the failings of society in allowing women to be hypnotised to such a degree that they think they need to big up their ego’s by being sex slaves in the Jewish porn industry. Runaways, druggies and women who could quite frankly do much, much better, yet don’t have the opportunity to find that side of life. At least, they’re certainly on a conveyor belt that peer pressure, Jewish banks and drug pushers, for Jews, will construct as a reality for them to be used as mere blobs of lust for what is tantamount to cracking one off.

So whereas the woman was revered as the hub of the family unit, now it is just a side part in a liberal communist Jewish token of childish depravity often ending in death. By the TV being allowed to take over the role of the parent in the home, so the likes of which people had never seen was suddenly placed right in the centre of people’s attention. With the video industry replacing the community hub of the cinema houses, now the X-rated sex movies began to creep onto the market, all guarded by armies of Jewish lawyers.



images (2) Ernst

Link to above video, 2 minutes long: Link:


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