When addiction is not addiction and classy is not classy – Cocaine


How far removed from reality we become is when comedy has no humour, drugs have appeal and when children births are failing to sustain the population. We have easily met all three points in my estimation, and more besides. So with such weak leaders as Boris John’s chief Theresa May, or Jared Kushner and Seven Mnuchin’s chief Donald Trump leading the way, then categorically we have a Jewish problem.

From Left: Steven Mnuchin, Jew, 77th and current United States Secretary of the Treasury, Donald Trump, President of the United States and Jared Kushner, Jew, Senior Advisor to the President.

If we’re not living in the absurdity of endless contradictions, then I don’t know what we are living in, but it’s only going to get worse. So with every stripe of cocaine that reaches the neural network of the addict taking the stuff, then Houston, we have a problem. Link. I remember looking into story writing and was amazed at the methods of computerised methods where nasically the software writes the story by offering the authour options on a theme and builds out from there. So there’s always a guiding support from the software that you can plot the story out. It was one reason why literature is being heavily criticised lately.

Living in absurd world where only the force of law is of any threat to erasing normalcy entirely, then wouldn’t the propagators of absurdity have a distinct target to aim for? I mean, I’m sure these people aren’t stupid when it comes to forwarding their agenda. Such as Donmeh Jew Boris Johnson, who is allowing the Jewish Press to run with stories that he’s to be sacked, outed from the top levels. It’s all part of the plan. He’s got the reins on the purse strings and decides who gets what and how much. These Jews have no allegiances to the people they claim to serve. If they did then wouldn’t drug abuse be at the forefront of education to protect children from it. At the forefront of stopping the current slew of illegals bringing it here, from his bosses, who are away making all the arrangements to make it all happen. Somebody’s got to be in charge, these things don’t just manifest as a sort of manna from heaven.

drug nz
From following Link below.


drug nz2

Z Hardaker


Z Hardaker2

What many of these “victims” of the drug trade world most often are generally oblivious of is that they are all mere pawns in Jewish games of chutzpah. No one would ever suspect to think that the pushers who are pushing the drugs onto their clients are strategically placed from people who run the thing from behind the scenes. And yet, that is exactly what is happening. Link. Link. Link.

Is this where we are headed for posterity? To breed heroes who have their dreams shattered at the last, their aspirations manufactured to fail. Each and every gamble on a dime bag maybe the end of your life, because you don’t what’s in there, nor how you are going to cope without it. How is that not a set up? How is it that as each day goes by and each drug deal that is made then each note involved goes without paying a tax. Yet, if I have my own business, or receive tax credit then straight away I am in debt to the faceless tax collectors who are being ran by the druglord mafia out of Tel Aviv. Is it what we want to pass on and teach children? What would that serve? Link.

rabbi shlomo


When I studied psychotherapy at Roehampton University one of things we were taught to look for were patterns of behaviors that may help reveal the cause to the effects of what could be treatable mental illness. As with the now escalating mental illness pandemic that is sweeping the developed world, then for someone like myself patterns of behavior that are far removed from normal patterns of behavior are accentuated with access to the internet. From the comfort of my home I can sit back and analyse the society in an incredibly sophisticated way. Where I can discuss, or not, with official twitter pages, facebook pages, email at source either journalists who have written articles, and/or even write to the people concerned in the articles.

All the time I know the world is educating itself via the internet and that in many, many ways the biological requirements of self-sustainability self-preservation, self- protection and self-reliance. With my recent and ongoing tussles here now with my local council who are advertising on their website that DBT is available, and it’s originator, Marsha Linehan, making it available. I brought it up with the council that the agency set up to offer this service confirm it is not available through them. Which contradicts the website. Oy vey anti Semitism.

dbt on hold
Economics first goy.

The above screenshot is from a search where I can no longer find DBT on the council website, but I have just sent them a lengthy message with ticking the response required box too. I know for a fact that nothing gets past the Jewish sieve and they hate it when it does. They have a plethora of views to manage now with the internet, and have chosen to ignore any and all valid arguments they don’t like by setting up groups that they try to portray as having some sort of message that they can show to the public can be countered. Well, you can’t counter common sense.

coke israel.jpg


So, let me sort of give you a window into how my mind looks at what’s right in front of me. So, let’s say I’m a Jew billionaire, of which most billionaires are Jews, oy vey anti Semitism.

jew billionaire

I have $1 billion to play with. My friends over at the Israeli banks run operations for me as off shore accounting havens so I pay little to no tax, because I’m a landless wandering Jew. Link. If those Jews won’t do, I have other Jews who will, like Janet Yerllen, Steven Mnuchin, Jared Kushner, and Jack Lew. Now it doesn’t have to necessarily;y be any of those guys in person, but they know the network and a call to the Rabbi will get me in touch with someone who’s gonna take on my business for shekels. And to think if your not Jewish, you ain’t getting in. Quite a cozy arrangement they have going there, no?

unorthodox drug money.jpg


I could literally continue on writing and searching for more material to write about on this subject, it’s pretty endless. So I’m highlighting a few of the most dreadful things that we need remedies to offer to people so they have better things to go to. As it’s been proven in many psychological tests that it’s “easier” to work towards something than it is to work away from something. Especially working away from something where you have placed nothing as a substitute to work towards to. It’s common sense. I was looking for the report I’d seen recently saying cocaine related suicides were on the increase, and it was something that said affected mostly White males in their 40’s.

Here are some random reports from searches that I think highlight the problems that Jews can cause when selling drug abuse. Link. Link. Link. Link. Link. Where possible I have used govt sites as sources and when not I am pretty much bound by the Jewish Press sources. Here are some screenshots from the above links.

nat stats drugs

crack deaths




I think the points that also never get pointed out are the points of such importance that there’s no way in hell the Jew paid politicians complicit in crime up to their neck are ever going to talk about. Things like Dialectic Materialism of Leninist-Marxism. Why would they want to talk about that overtly when it’s the only type of tongue they know to speak. You didn’t think they engage in such things as thinking did you?

As for England and Wales, we’ve suddenly mushroomed to (((Global Britain))) where there is a population now of 2.8 billion, according to Jew Boris Johnson, and that is what the order of business is. Especially as he has just returned from the BVI in the Caribbean inspecting the storm damage. Unbelievably this enclave of off-shore banking houses “British” and yet there is not one single direct flight to there from England, or Wales. No, what we’re seeing here is a revealing of what the City of London as a Sui Juris jurisdiction of it’s own rule or law is anything other than a United Kingdom.


It is nothing more than what was a strategic extension to a Jewish subversive Empire that needed to show it’s hand, but only revealing as much as it could get away with not revealing. The England and Wales of the “British Dream” is nothing more than an opium induced cocaine funded expedition of ecstacy for the chosen noses who ply spice, the new drug killing so many. The LSD trips that they have spent so much time into developing for script writing for the TV shows, news and all. In con-clusion the whole world is under constant and ongoing bamboozling by the kosher nostra murder inc. committee who have sufficient clout to run operations with confidence in such muppets as Theresa May, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Donald Trump and Angela Merkel among others. None of them are going to be a threat to Jewish hegemony. So until such time as the whole of the world’s Jewish network is disbanded then the culling of people to their will continue endlessly.

There are spots of hope more and more each day, as like a poker game as the players continue on the risk of showing their full hands to lose grow every more strengthened and threatening. With all of the current news with Weinstein and Kushners to be kicked out of the Whitehouse, then every Jew is looking to make more shekels to gain more favour. This is where Judaism finds it’s own contradiction as an obstacle to world despotism. Not that it isn’t placed entrenched in the corridors of power without impunity, but to navigate through the whole world while pulling to wool over the eys of the people and undermining their faith in the one party politically correct zio-marxist system. Then it isn’t going to take much more than a small boy to point out the Emperor, the Jew, does indeed have new clothes. We don’t have separate issues the world over, we have one issue and only one issue, The Jew.

Jewish Kate Middleton’s Jew uncle knocks out his 5th wife unconscious with a left hook as she confronts him about cocaine use. Link. The flamboyant millionaire businessman, who was once caught up in a tabloid sting in which he was alleged to have offered a reporter drugs and prostitutes, had Kate stay with him in 2006 and now Prince William has cut all ties with him and his boasting ways. Link. He sounds a right piece of work, even the gutter press The Sun make him out to be a complete sheister this time for trying to chat up a 17 year old girl and her mum for a 3-SUM, can it get any lower? Link.

Persecuted Jew, Gary Goldsmith, smacks wife in eye with left hook, leaving her unconscious as she bangs her head on the pavement after confronting him about his cocaine use.


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