Jewish Pedophile Holohoaxer and Peer (((Lord))) Janner, Deceased???


Jewish Labour Party Pedophile, (((Lord))) Janner says there was not a shred of evidence against him as a pedophile. As we know the amount of lies that his kind tell are among the most legendary of all time. For example, the Jewish lie about the (((massacre))) in York back in the 13th Century. What a load of huey. Or how about the (((expulsion))) of the Jews? (((Lord))) Neuberger, Chief Rabbi of the (((Supreme))) Court of Jewnited(Divided really) Jewdom explains on page 3 in section 8 of link at end of paragraph. How Jews hid in the “Domus Conversorum”, which means “House Converts” from Latin. Here is Lord Neubergers speech in full spilling all the beans about Jews behind the wallpaper, like ghosts in the corridors at night. Link.

This idea of a (((Converted))) Jew has been touted as being a Crypto-Jew, and there’s a few different varieties. Not only was the Chief Inquistor of Spain an actual Jew (((Convert))), but also the (((Witchsmeller))) who sought out witches from Our English country folk to be executed in all manner of unjustifiably sadistic ways. And we see the same vein running through Our English society today. “Councils spent £1.1bn on homelessness in 2015/16 -.” Link. Yet we’re made to house people from a slew of war torn nations that the Jews and their lackies in (((Parliament))) had facilitated, or brokered would be the correct term, the arms deals to those very countries.


The Jewish fictional fairy story of exactly 6 million being systematically gassed to death by Axis Forces who were taking on, and this is a list, they were taking on; The Union of Socialist Republics, being 15 independent States, China, which was unified from 3 kingdoms in the Qin Dynasty, The British Empire consisting of 79 countries within the Commonwealth, The 50 United States and African States such as Congo. Link. So you tell me how that many countries against Germany, Austria, Japan, the French Vichy, Mussolini’s Italy, Quisling’s Norway and volunteers from Franco’s Spain and other Waffen SS troops, who, as an example numbered between 19-27 at various times from Great Britain.

Given the amount of countries hell bent on wiping out any actual self-autonomy by Europeans, then looking at Greville Janners circus stall of the “Holocaust Education Trust” brings a whole new light into not only Conspiracy (((Theory))), but politics the world over. Basically if anyone wants any common decency in their country then World War 3 will break out. And it WILL be in defence of Jewish, and Jewish Shabbos Goy, pedophiles. There’s absolutely nothing that can shift the opinion of this blog given the facts.

janner mirror

So while these homosexual Jews pervert their way through international politics on the back of a factual lie, the Holohoax, then ALL credibility of their advances of wanting a better world for all are rendered absolute tosh. And here’s more reasons in picture form,. of the weight that the (((Lord))) Janner carried in at least the politics of domestic England and Wales. Link. Link. Please have a view at the company kept by the Jewish in the upper echelons of society, and bear in mind that the current Prime Minister has been quoted in every periodical saying that the child sex abuse cases are the tip of the iceberg.






(((Lord))) Janner has enjoyed an immensely care free life whereby his every need has been met by the good people of England and Wales, yet the disdain and utter contempy for that benefit of such a life is hellish at best and I for one hope he burns for eternity as The Good Lord promises to those who revel in sins of the flesh. And nothing could be more sinful than the lie of 6 million deaths being placed at the door of the German people, who as we now see had been lined up for everything that they fought against for their survival. Now call me if you wish, but I can never stand with such people as connected with the Labour Party because of their ties to this level of pedophilia at the hands of Jews.


Jewish Labour Party Pedophile (((Lord))) Janner with Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth and finally with the late Leopold de Rothschild. Below Boris Johnson with Jacob Rothschild, but it’s never the Jews!


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