Liverpool – Forecasts Rat Infestation, London – World Financial Leader

crimson assurance

With the trillions and trillions that the capital of the country makes. Link. So Liverpool must ready itself for a rat invasion. Link. What life would you be pursuing if the trillions and trillions were fairly distributed across the country? What chance is there ever of that when it’s perhaps not the country that is making the money but merely the country acts as a host? Link.

What changes would you believe you could make to any country where you have access to trillions and trillions everyday, yet none of it can leave as it’s “wrapped up in investments”? How is it even accounted for as being any type of wealth? Would not a healthier way to be having a city not over ran by rats? £££Trillions and trillions… rats infesting? Think about it, £££trillions and trillions… rats infesting?

True, rats won’t move for money, but they may eat it. I’m not sure how they’d fare on polymer, but they seem to do fine on trillions and trillions. I mean, is it me, or is anyone paying attention to the tax returns for the City’s £££ trillions and trillions turnover each day? “ The Bank for International Settlements estimates that London generates 0.88 trillion or 46 percent of daily global revenue in the interest-rate derivative market.” Link. Link.

The City of London, the world’s largest FX trading centre. A survey reveals turnover in EUR/USD fell 17% in October 2015 to $640 billion per day. Conversely, turnover in AUD/USD rose 8%.” Link.

So, while the flag of equality, feminism, welcome refugees and anti Semitism are waved high by the rent a crowd mob of the Synagogue right up to the lofty corridors of Parliament. The City of London is somehow managing to continue to make both colossal and astronomical amounts of cash per day without so much as a cup of sugar passed out to the neighbours, I kid you not. Link. Maybe in the worldly wisdom of fairness the City business could be distributed across England, or UK and Ireland, for the benefit of us, and not simply skip off to EU without so much as a buy your leave. Can you imagine a country that has a fairly shared revenue system based on tax returns by businesses spread the country wide? Link.

Is it me, or is this not easily possible, for two reasons, we’re a small nation, and the internet. Think about the unifying spirit this would cause for the nation. We would have money coming out of our ears. Our farms would enjoy the highest methods of green tech that money can buy, and therefore give us access to an unlimited abundance of foods. We could easily have cruises around our beautiful shores for people to enjoy, at minimum mates rates. We could have the best roads in the world. The best education for everyone who lives here. Link.

Imagine the powerhouse we can be should the ideology of fair distribution be implemented. Why should a family in regions away from where the City juggles it’s many forms of jiggery pokery have to suffer? Where are we headed? Link. Link.

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