Liverpool, England – From 2nd City of the Empire to Communist Hell Hole

Without even knowing about lesbian infatuation with bestiality you can read the link here. Link. To the £0.5 million secured to “find out who is trafficking the women onto the streets for the “sex industry””. Link. From UK’s largest profit making company, “that you’ve never heard of”. Link. To the helpless and hopeless designer homeless problem that Liverpool’s streets just can’t seem to eradicate. Link. To a £2 billion regeneration scheme. Link. All of the above outline a concerted effort to put on one face while very much displaying the exact opposite face.

There certainly doesn’t appear to be a dire need to help people enjoy a nice life, but there does appear to be a culture driven from the Council Offices to keep local people either locked away, or in fear of those who aren’t locked away. Link. Liverpool is not an insignificant city by a long stretch, yet, as with many other urban sprawls the convoluted crime appears to be without redress or remedy. Who in their right minds would deem it necessary to steal from a mushrooming university invasion of now 3 universities, where there was just one moderately sized one before? Why would locals be queuing up at the jail houses when the universities are boasting such aplomb in academia? Link. Link.

Jewish MP for Riverside, Liverpool, Louise Ellman

With such despicable crimes as child rape, child molestation, grooming and stalking mixed in with such immature crimes as attempted robbery, one has to ask the questions of why the economically immature crimes. Why the child sex crimes? What is it about such a great city as Liverpool, with a worldwide reputation for being a dynamic and wonderful city. Why are there these types of problems? The above MP was the leader for the ‘Friends of Israel’ lobby group. Where else would one find covens of Jewess’s and lesbians but in the folds of cities being managed into decline? Link.

Chief Reformist Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis with Luciana Berger MP, Wavertree, Liverpool , who was parachuted in from a Jewish gated community in Wembley London while her “new” landlord Jane Kennedy attained the Crime Commissioners job. They’re seen here with some token Muslim.

Jewish-Muslim collaboration, but only in White countries, as back in the Muslim countries Jews tear it apart with covert operation after covert operation under the wing of US, UK, France, Spain, Germany, Russia and a whole list of other countries from three continents.

The local teams have turned their backs on local talent and are bringing in as many ‘poor’ Africans as endless millions can afford.

With Labour being outed as the pedophile party of British politics, and not without challenges from the Conservatives for that spot either. Link. We see Jew reporter Nick Cohen defending them. Link. And, with Labour being  so well supported in Liverpool, so Communist China’s President Xi’s friend Prince William is soon to pay a visit. Link. I’d never heard of Sanctuary Cities until this year when in America there was opposing views about them. While writing this article I find that Liverpool is one, and here’s the link. Link. I know there are charities widely available for the weirdly stable social problems that Liverpool and the surrounding areas face, but I have no idea why there’s reason for them to exist. We should, by all apparent statistics and information, be living on a cloud. Yet, we’re not, stabbings are through the roof as teenagers set about chasing the entrepreneurship dreams involved in those actions.

We’re certainly not a city alone in the “1st World West”, far from it. Link. Though we are supposed to be due to be going bankrupt in three years due to a blackhole the local council dug themselves into by taking loans they say they can’t afford to pay back. Link. Link. Link. Yet the Jewish MP’s in Liverpool just can’t seem to manage the economic miracle achievements of their criminal hideout Israel. Oy vey, anti Semitism. Link. Link.


But wait, that is not all as Labour MP David Lammy submits his report concerning  “An independent review into the treatment of, and outcomes for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in the criminal justice system.”. Link. I don’t know how it’s independent while he’s a serving MP from the opposition, but what would I know? Link. Link. Link. Link.

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