LGBT, Tantra and Putting Your Willy in the Poo-poo.


As absurd as nature may seem, there are actual physical dynamics that are simply requirements governed by physical laws that determine what goes where and for why. As is true with the homosexuals, who need a drug fueled  society, that they can escape the woes of their struggle with reality. The male-male, female-female option for procreation simply does not carry enough weight behind it to warrant the universe to bestow actual children as fruits of their labours. Quite the contrary. Statistics show that homosexuals are prone to what can only be described as self-inflicted torture because of their desperation to be a part of something (((rebellious))). They often even think that it’s from their own thoughts.

No, the simple biological facts are set in concrete and the claims of the whining LGBT are trite at best. When a man puts his pee-pee in another man’s anus their is nothing sexual about it, it is mere titillation. Just because they choose to do it while rocking off their face on wild and crazy drugs as part of a repugnant sub-culture still makes it far, far from the reality of the enjoyment of sex for ultimately having children. To adopt other people’s children and lead them into a life of debauchery is plain insanity and more than bordering on criminal, it’s criminally insane. Such is the world that is being sold to us in the guise of consumerism. Where being “gay” is fashionable, and governmentally endorsed, and blindly following that narrative to the detriment of wholesome natural family life is abhorrent and virulently offensive.

Of course the obnoxious pedophile supporters who are top heavy within governments, as lobbied by Israeli lobby’s to make a homogeneous one world poo soup. So this (((Master Race))), as is being created, will continue to implode the universes natural way. Of course, again, the militant Left who are stalwart against Jews, yet fly the banner of the Jewish Autonomous Region for their plight,but one of the many contradictions of the Leftist diatribe. The age old ethic of common decency is soon thrown out of the window by the openly Trotskyite lackeys promoting Israel First in covert ops that all stem from Mossad are all designed to hoover up the youth. By fixing into the minds of the youth that nature’s way is a topsy turvy way, and actually replacing it with a topsy turvy way. Then we simply follow the money trail to see who’s got the type of funds available to fund such mass covert ops. Oy vey, anti Semitism!

The dance of the Jew on the graves of the unborn is a favourite of theirs, blood spilt without blood ever manifesting. Their dreams fulfilled to disarm their nemesis, the Europeans, into a crippled, homosexual, trade union led communist pack of reliant consumers all buying into the system that’s waging war on them. As with the yin and yang symbol nature operates through energy. As with sexual polarity, the male and female counterparts meet for biological function of procreation, even for the leisure of it for eventual procreation. The homosexual perversion of it is wild abandon taken to beyond the extremes when it comes to trying to blag it that it’s some sort of revolutionary cultural treasure. It’s nothing more than bedroom gymnastics on acid.

People may fall for the fashion aspect, the peer pressure, the razzmatazz and the glitz and glamour, but at the end of the day it’s simply genitalia meets genitalia. Link. Why would people disbelieve facts about things that don’t run true? Over sympathetic due to the constant bombardment by media outlets perhaps? Single platforming of the homosexual community on the entertainment circuits? What if there were substantial facts laid out in a perfectly easily to follow format, what power would people have against a government funded narrative that seeks to continue on with it’s Communist Genocide programme of non Jewish minded folk. Link.

Batteries cannot transmit the right energy to allow electricity to flow when two terminals of the same polarity meet. It’s simple, what you have in between your legs determines the type of energy you have the most potential to generate. That’s why they’re there. They’re functional pieces of kit with purpose. As with the yin and yang symbol there are little bit of masculine in the feminine and vice versa, but that’s not the maximum potential of energy in those given nodes. Some people need to grow up and enjoy their bodies for what they are and enjoy the benefits of the fruit bearing that they carry. Using it to fulfill the wants of Tel Aviv is an extremely naive path to get so riled up about to the point of disillusion.

We’re obviously coming to times were something bigger than all of us is letting itself be known, and the choices are simple. The facts of life are simply the facts of life. There’s no cherry picking of the facts of life. The birds and the bees are there for reasons that nature sees fit to be there. God is nature and nature is God, the two are the same at the ultimate. We don’t need to be told what is what, we simply can look out of the window. Link.

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