Body-Popping Hitler

Hitler spent his whole childhood working for the secret Bavarian Illuminatti, who had infiltrated the kindly Jewish banking houses. The secrecy of the Bavarian Illuminatti was known but only to a few of the highest evil Nazi’s. Those who had been to India as children and had been indoctrinated into the secret pact via strange gurus the likes of which had not seen before, nor since. The evil Nazi’s had been secretly taken away from their homes in Germany by giant Roc birds who could traverse them across the many mountain ranges that lay in front of them after school, and have them back in time for supper, without arousing suspicions.

Branding these children as the best in their class was a sinch to the evil Bavarian Illuminatti, who were not connected at all t Jews in the Jewish ghettoes. Each day Hitler and his cronies would rise from their beds extra early and go into deep sufi like trances that they had been instructed to do from as early as the age of 6. If these instructions had not have taken root then lampshades, soap and shoe leather all over the concentrations camps would not have been able to exist, except through this non-imaginary evil.

As Hitler grew into manhood, he knew his dreams of being a street peddler of narcotics were to come true in ways that even he, the world’s most evil child drug dealer, could not envisage. Not even a bit. No, he was cursed from the day he was born up there in the seemingly virgin like villages of the Austrian Alps that formed part of German Bavaria.  While high he would often jump from the top of the mountains and land at the bottom without so much of a scratch due to the potency of the methamphetamine that he was cooking in his microwave, coupled with the deep sufi like trances that connected him to the darkest forces of Illuminatti parapsychology.

In leaked CIA documents there are actual pictures that have not been released showing young boddy popping Adolf atop the mountain on a sort of flying carpet, and as he comes down there, it looks as if he’s chonging like a gud’n on some sort of bong like contraption. Only several of the initiates could be allowed to display their powers in public, but evil Hitler had shown such promise that there was no way his strange guru masters from the Himalayas dare to stop these darkest manifestations of purest evil. It was their goal to breed into the German psyche the idea of flying supermen, and totally debunk any and all ideas of earlier philosophers including Heidegger.

Indded, it was when Einstein was actually in Germany, before poor Jews were cased by land occupying mutant sharks that possibly could have landed from the earliest UFO expeditions Hitler and his occult mafiosi had undertaken. Einstein had accidently stumbled into one of the secret underground labs where the most potent of concoctions was being drawn up by the impossibly gifted doctor Josef Mengele, who was barely out of his nappies, yet show such promise to the hidden underhanded Illuminatti that he was soon given instruction to work together with Hitler, on the new craze of the evil Nazi’s, the master race.

Secretly Hitler and his pubeless henchmen dug secret tunnels, the CIA documents reveal. They dug and dug until they came into Africa, where they saw how the Blacks had the potential to be turned into genetically modified athletes when the correct dosages of the new hyper steroid Naz4 was administered in the correct proportions. Admittedly, for the astute, but evil, Nazi’s, there were a few calamities. Such as the gorilla in the movie King Kong, that was not actually a doll at all. No, that was the work of the adolescent Hitler and his cronies working under some sort of hypnotic spell cast by the most secret secret of the Illuminatti’s, The Jesuits.

From there each experiment yielded more and more positive results, which is why today in Africa we see massive booms in their population, yet they have a large imbalance of crops due to the dosage of drugs that the UFO’s spread over the continent.  Not content with flying over Mother Africa, Hitler and his forces flew widely across Asia and made secret pacts with many pygmy tribes who would render flight through trance and administer the deadly poisons to the unsuspecting masses, whose numbers actually increased in some sort of strange kick back that appears to have been wholly unintentional.

As more and more drugs entered into the bloodstreams of the victims, so the evil Nazi stronghold grew bigger amidst a backdrop of latent untapped potentials not seen on the African continent since Egypt, and Asia since Cambodia’s great temples were flourishing. As the invisible forces of the Illuminatti drove Hitler on into madness where he attempted to attend Art School with over 2000+ paintings published. They were all done super fast, of course, by means of the dangerous trances that Hitler put himself in when trying to let his over flowing potencies channel into something destructive. He simply couldn’t switch these things on yet, as he hadn’t enough practice, and they manifest themselves as glorious expertly painted paintings that Hitler’s spirit had stolen from other dimensions, and they should never have existed.

Setting the world up for failure was always his objective and even as a tiny baby we can see that mischievous glint in his eye of taking the world to pieces and providing a platform for the blame of Jews, when secretly invisble forces had given him the keys to control their minds. Even after death Hitler is still controlling George Soros, Benjamin Netenyahu, Henry Kissinger, Manis Friedman, Ephraim Mirvis, Jack Lew, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton and Janet Yellen, as well as many more, like Jacob Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, Christine Lagarde, Dan Gertler, Tim Geithner, Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke. Just because they’re Jews, doens’t mean it’s the Jews, like Kim Jong Un, it’s Hitler. Oy vey! Anti Semitism!!!

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