Ritual Circumcision – A Metaphor for Jewish Hegemony


Blood sucking Jew

Slicing the eight day old baby’s penis hood off, then sucking the blood from the open wound sure sounds like the metaphor of Judaism to me. Everywhere you look there’s some Jew sucking the very life blood out of the most sensitive and precious part of anything and everything in society. To say it’s both harrowing and offensive is an absolute understatement. And, yet they Jew on with their vampire like actions on the 8 day old babies. Why do they have to do this in our countries? Why is it tolerated? There’s nothing anti-Jewish about it, it’s purely Anti-Civil. It’s disgusting!

In today’s world where people are actually still attempting to build a life that they think can be secure outside of Jewish banking, have some serious home truths to wake up to. If you’re White, Black, Brown, Yellow or Red, of a purer bloodline than Jewish mongrels, then you’re on their list. If you have a conscience, you’re on their list. The wealth, or purported wealth, that these Jews have is seemingly astronomical, but, as they’re fully aware, the markets are fickle. The markets never sway in their favour for long, which is why they have these “smash and grab” style politics.

In every nation where they’re a minority, ie any and all that they parasite within, then it’s in their advantage to rally the minority groups from around the place and to share causes. Wherever there are minority, diversity or such groups rallying, you will find Jewish subversive communists in amongst the main thrust of the higher echelons of that endeavour. They create these illusions of “minority problems”, not from the ground up, but from the very seed. There never was conflicts with Blacks and Whites until Jews get involved. Please view this short video for a revealing scenario. Link.

From my view the rally call of almost everyone, regardless of political persuasion, is to be prosperous, sustainable, diverse, multi-cultural, but the interpretations of these concepts have been spun out of control to serve Jewish agendas. In every single way that the press can keep out the ridiculing of Jews out of the press then they will stretch the boundaries that far. Where are the police of the press?


It’s as if the Jews were never a death cult. They are wholly a death cult. They lord it over the masses and do what they will, without reproach. Link. Link. So, while we’re left to fester in a Zio-Marxist nightmare, Jews are busy administering it. I’m sure everyone has signed up for the National Insurance/Social Security schemes that governments run. Well, guess who’s behind all that busy trading away those values on the bonds markets. No doubt, the universities will teach you how to navigate through the system, and thereby justifying the hefty loans for students these days. WRONG!!! There’s not a cat in hell’s chance that anything from those universities amounts to more than a hill of beans.

Look at the cut of the politicians, reporters, entertainers, etc, etc, etc. They’re all cut from the same cloth. True you will get the odd maverick here and there, and boy how they fall. No, there’s a whole worldwide movement going on right now, and most have no clue that they actually owe all the knowledge they’re accruing to Adolph Hitler and the European National Socialist Movement of the mid 20th century. Like, with Helene Mayer, a half-Jew who won a silver medal representing National Socialist Germany in Berlin in 1936, and she wasn’t even turned in a lamp shade or a bar of soap. No, those Jews who plead that the upstanding and honest German people “gassed” them all to death are living an absolute fairy story.

Half Jewish Helene Mayer saluting Herr Fuhrer at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

In comparing the two people’s, Jews and Germans, did you ever meet a Jew you can trust? How about a German? How many lies have Germans been caught out on since World War 2? And, conversely, how many lies has Israel been caught out on?

Volume 2. Page 24. Picture 10. 1936 Olympic Games. Berlin, Germany. Five young women take part in a display of the Olympic Rings.
Beautiful empowered women of National Socialist Germany.
Drugs, a major monopoly in Jewish hegemony

Some articles from Israel about heroin addiction in Israel. Link. Link. Link. From the wonderful world that Europe was becoming, before Communist aggression, the world of the youth has suffered wholly by the “victory” of Stalin in World War 2. Link. The inevitable may not be so inevitable, but one things for sure, it’s going to have to give sooner or later. The way things are being forced on Whites in White countries is really getting to the point where anything can happen.

As the notion of circumcision as a metaphor for a Jewish way of continuing on with what they do, then more and more people will be catching on that it’s simply not a way for society to allow. From beautiful Norway, to poor Brazil, from a destroyed Russia to a rekindling America we all need now to wake up to the Jewish Supremacy that is underpinning the very bedrock of corruption in ALL of our governments worldwide. There’s no running from the Truth, and no hiding from the consequences of running from the Truth, so we better start to get mobilised fast!

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