Jews and their useful idiots

2c0 tit alex nk

If you don’t know what a useful idiot is by now, then you probably are one. With Jews basically shitting all over the planet on anything and everything they want to, with impunity. Then someone has to carry the torchlight in the shitty darkness and set the methane gas alight to burn the Jews asses. Plying the useful idiots with shiny trinkets has worn off as many as it probably will by now, and the rest is up to us. I’m sure there are plenty waiting in the wings, on both sides, and I damn well know it’s far easier to sabotage things, than it is to build things up. So, why would Jews help anyone without them benefitting?

If any of either side get out alive of all this mess that Israel is creating, because the Netenyahu’s are for the high jump, then wonders will never cease. They are a stone cold tribe over there in Israel pulling strings by the Friends of Israel groups, that have the finger on the crediit buttons down at the banking house. You fall in line, you get paid. You don’t fall in line, you don’t get paid. Simples! Therefore, what better luxury than to control the money supply of all the Nations, and you simply exist as a minority group within the host countries for your benefit, and anyone moves and they die.

Every person now, in every way, has been somehow sorted into certain categories that have been manufactured in this very new and modern society. Gone are the magnificent cractwork ideas for industry, in stone, wood, water or glass, however. It is forbidden by decree of the Jew that they may have the free run of the market, internet and all.

I had set a forum up, my second over the years, then I got some internet snoop firm, Web Plus, part of Unysis, based in (((Amsterdam))) on my blog. Just in case you’re wondering of venturing to Amsterdam for some hanky panky, I hear ALL the prostitutes there are post=op transgender. So, you could well be sleeping with a Commander of Isis, Mossad, US Army, the mind boggles.


So, there is no law, there is no freedom of speech, there is only smash and grab politics as we’ve seen with Trump, Sara Netenyahu and Theresa May, who don’t give a flying f*ck, tbh.

Our European blooded countries have always placed lots of emphasis on high leverls of respect to our elders. We have worked to the highest levels of manufacturing. We have been small, but extremely wealth countries, in contrast to countries much bigger, China, who fell to the Jews after the opium wars, and everything else was simple. A mere administrative exercise for portioning up the spoils. All is actually not fair in love and war. Russia, with the fall of the Ottoman empire and the Jews flooded to Russia to destroy that country. The German holdings of Germany and German South West Africa falling also to the same Ottoman Jews, who have no doubt done the same number on them, after going there when being kicked out from Spain and Portugal. Link. Link. Link. Link.

German South West Africa, now called Namibia.


If we are all actors on the stage, as according to William Shakespeare, then you better damn well know from whose script your reading, and acting out their will. Link.


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