Credit Wars and Jewish (((Disinformation))) Merchants


The subversive tactics of covert war operations are the speciality of the Jew. From the longest history in time there are rumours of the devilish and evil antics all the way through. Obviously the most recent now is the ping pong politics of Trump, Putin, Xi and the tiny, tiny nation North Korea. Who is placed as the only remaining pawn, of Self-Autonomy, link, on the chess board, while the King, Bishop and Knight all vye to use the lunatic platform of nuclear threat. That North Korea, real name Democratic Republic of Korea, could out manoeuvre all comers in some mad invisible way only known to Koreans? Wait, what, how can America, Russia and China, all with the back-up of UK, France, Spain, Germany, Israel literally every other country on this planet, not that Israel is a country so much as a criminal hideout be out manoeuvred by a virtually economically crippled country? They exist because they have faith in the land, and it yields to their needs, food, shelter etc.

No, the Jew is interested in death, destruction, debauchery, perversion of anything sacred. They are the outward manifestation of inner decay and rot. Not that the people are like that from the point of view that they’ve chosen to be like that. Of course it’s everyone else’s fault that they chose to be the monopolisers of the above. Their God is war, their God is in lieu of a messiah, as the failure of Menachem Shneerson as the messiah was a great blow to their political thrust within their own religious ranks.

The fascinating aspect of a Christian country, and cast with an even longer shadow when contrasted with non Christian thought, is that the framework of the society is very, very much protectionist of the citizens. The means to be a citizen was/is tied with blood and soil. 3rd world countries operated largely in their own tribal ways, and the great Roman Empire spread the ethos of the great Greek thinkers, or at least that was the plan. Obviously, as with anything White, as with Black, or any pure colour, the tiniest foreign speck is the first thing people will notice. Link.

Two of the great many things I have learned over the years learning law, is that ultimately there’s always a remedy and everything must be done by agreement. These are very interesting concepts. Especially given Israeli politics as it pertains to the use of that, remedy by agreements, in the rest of the world. Given that a court is the last resort for settlement, hence the judge being endowed with the means to rule, as a neutral viewer and with good conscience, most cases should not even get to court. Most things, and I need you to think now, most things can be easily settled. Yea, look no further than the Jew for means to bring controversy. That’s the key to the Jew, seek settlement and give them no room for argumentation. It’s their natural instinct to raise controversy. Don’t let them, ask what they want for settlement, other than their shekels. It’s long a tenet of Our societies, and not Jew societies to pay off by work, in exchange for labour in like for like trade deals based on value. The Jewish money has less than zero value in Our societies, it has trouble, death, murder and destruction. Link.


Israeli politics, which is wholly Jewish, is one of forceful persuasion, absolute hegemony and black market tax evading. Link. Imagine you’re a guest in someone’s home, and you decide, for your own benefit that you will kill the parents who own the home. So you kill the parents and no one does anything about it, at least nothing that you care about. You killed them in such ways that didn’t show you up as a killer, in fact, as you are now the victim of the accusation it’s time to blame say the eldest child. Then you blame the eldest child, and he goes to jail, because you then sleep with the Police Commissioner, the Judge and some of the Jury. Then you get back to your guest house where you can rule without conscience, as the makers of the rules are 6 feet under. It’s a crude model, but touches on all the elements of how Jews operate in house within politics. Link.

One need look no further than the demolition job that Jews do. Take Imperial Russia with her great palaces, fantastic culture, magnificent navy and wonderful monarchy that set the standards for Russians to aspire too. Imperial China, falling to Imperial Japan because the Japanese understood the threat of China becoming a whore to the Jewish shadow people. South Africa, a land built by Europeans from scratch over the course of 400 years, yet the communist ANC move in and bomb the place into an unrecognisable oblivion with European blood spilled all over the beautiful farmed countryside. Link. Link.

The Jews are a very wordy people, about the only things they have carried from civilisation to civilisation is a menorah and their (((scriptures))), which appear to be the coding for taking down great empires. They have built not one building in the history of man, except when forced to. They absconded from the Jewish Autonomous Region under Stalin, who before becoming leader of the murderous Bolshevik regime had been the Minister of Minorities. Quel surprise that Stalin should be the one to allow, under his iron fist, the weakest and most persecuted of all the tribes, isn’t it? And funny again that with this Perestroika Deception that we’re living in that minority rule is the single most dangerous weapon recently utilised by Jews to take down the whole European idea and populations of Europe and Europeans. Link. Link. Link.




Trumps jews

It’s always the Jews, they refuse to assimilate, and why would they?


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