4th Wave Feminism – Judaism

4th feminism

Obviously the above picture has been doctored to take out the crudities of the (((Great Classic))). Would it come as any surprise that the son Peter Basch of the (((German-American))) family, who shot out of Germany as National Socialism became the governing party, was a Jew? Since being alerted by E Michael Jones of the contents of Wilhelm Reich’s Frankfurt School book “Mass Psychology of Fascism” and how the mind of the perverted Jew wants to bring in paedophilia, necrophilia and bestiality, and goodness only knows what else. Then I can only conclude that there is a now a new string of events being coordinated by the Tavistock Institute to try to cause yet greater divides still within our folk.

Not content with making every woman now a lesbian cocaine fuelled man hater, 3rd wave feminism, and bringing up boys to men in environments where the masculine nature of the boys is discounted in favour of being female. Link. This gross perversion of nature, which is largely chosen by followers on the (((Left-Wing))) of Judaic politics within our societies, or within the (((bum-boy))) Right-Wing of communism crowd of the English aristocracy. Where paedophilic homosexuality is part of the hierarchy, or at least we’re led to believe so by their antics. So, there is the tie between the extreme Left of Communism and the extreme Right of communism. Link.


There’s no difference, and the unsuspecting naive Left-Wingers whose libido’s match their ego’s are ever so willing for ZOGbuck’$$$ (Zio-Marxist Occupied Governments dollars, Fed notes, Debt notes) for funding their lifestyles in a “I’m alright Jack” aloof manner that they do. And, the landed gentry, who since the 1930’s in UK have been targets of the (((New Esthers))) of the Jews who were so haphazardly allowed to escape from Stalins (((Iron Fist))). Oops butterfingers! Link.

As such people as Taylor Swift, who is now suing someone, for $1, for “grabbing her butt”, $1? Oh, Taylor. Now the latest “male abuse victim” is the namesake of the scantily clad lady in the first photo above, Gina Martin, is “trying” to get someone held to task for taking a snap of her undercarriage, but can’t seem to get past stage one of the process, ie the Police. The story goes, she was at a festival and someone was laughing near her, the “blonde” haired boy was laughing at his booty. He’d pirated a copy of Gina’s undergarments, which apparently are covered but by a mere string. She had snatched the phone right from the boys hand and knew straight away it was a picture of her modesty. She immediately took it to the cops, but after the cop had inspected it and deleted it, he said there was nothing he could do, and closed the case. Link, linklink.


Straight away there’s a springing of suspicion in my mind as to the political motivations of the BBC being the ones who are flagging this story now. Now, poor Gina, who may or not be a party to the Tavistock Institute associated thinking techniques, is a victim of the oldest law of England, the law of trespass. Now, within 2 seconds of reading through the story about how she can’t find how it’s not illegal, I’d say I have found exactly the crimes it is under. Here they are. Trespass to the person, and I’m using Oxford’s own Oxbridge Notes site here, they are the sister site of Oxbridge Admissions, which is basically where you go if you’re a rich Asian or “Prince” of an African tribe, No Whites Allowed! Link.

beanie gigi.jpg

Now, she is a freelance writer, yet for some rather curious reason, the picture of the men who allegedly (((upskirted))) her has been blackened out to hide their faces. Is that not odd? Isn’t it the very point of this type of name and shame to actually put faces out there, so we’re not dealing with shadows? I thought it was, didn’t get the memo Gina obviously got. So from the BBC, link, we can dissect the Tavistock wording and how the finger is not so cleverly pointed at men, rather than at criminals or perverts, which is what the BBC is a hive of. (BBC quotes are in italics) “When a man took an upskirt photograph of Gina Martin at a music festival she went straight to the police. ” Let’s take a look at this sentence here.

When a man… not a pervert, or sexual deviant, or abuser, no derogatory word, except man, is used. Took an upskirt… As that’s obviously what men do isn’t it. Men, the same men who aren’t even being a lot more than upskirted by this new Jewish model army of “liberated, strong, independent “women””.

Let’s continue on, photograph of Gina Martin… google search a photograph of Gina Martin and the very first picture of this article is among the first few. Now, the photographer, is Jewish, he’s a “Holohoax” survivor, link. (Scroll down a ways for the description of the photographers disillusions). at a music festival… Young people and festivals these days are like rhubarb and custard. Originally festivals were where people gathered for enjoying entertainments of a folk variety. Nowadays it’s cheese pop, and even the leader of the paedophile worker’s party made an entrance. Link.

Rent a crowd

So Our folk are allowed now to enjoy an 80+ hour week to pay for the influx of criminals who come here, and all applauded by the “Festival going Youth”, who have lived without being surrounded by heavy and light industry that wasn’t of the Multi-National Corporation class. Our youth are being led down a pipe of academia, that is exactly that, academic. Whereas production value based jobs would be the mainstay, now it is loans for soul destroying university degrees that yield little to no actual job prospects.

Growing up with dreams of finding a true and loyal partner for life inside a family unit, has been replaced with cocaine fuelled nothingness. Don’t be fooled that cocaine does anyone any favours. It merely serves as the fast track ticket to poverty and the mental wards where the benevolent Jew will be waiting with minions all around to pamper your drug fuelled mental breakdowns. While the place is also full of “traumatised” (((refugees))) from foreign wars, ALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS, then you get to form a pathway in your mind of how the scam actually works. Link. Link.

Now forgive me if I’m wrong here, but where was the signing of any truce or such like in this war declaration on Germany by Judea? I ask merely because that is a genuine headline about Judea declaring war on Germany. Link. Link. Another Tavistock Institute operation for influencing the group psyche of the public? Link. Also, bare in mind that Europeans carry the blood of Germans.



Back to the original (((BBC))) link about the girl who was “upskirted”, and the reason why I say it (((that))) is, because the paedophile promoting BBC is none other than the shadiest Jews that Jewdom has to offer. Link, link, link, linkshe went straight to the police… Of course she went straight to the police, wherelse would she go, it’s not like she’d have a group of male friends with her girl friends. Oh no, these evil men will take the photos of me undercarriage. So, in comes the establishment procuring that the police are now the prince charming on a white charger riding in to save the day. WRONG!!! As Israeli security firm, security being synonymous with the arms trade, and the securities market are after the contracts for a private police force. It’s why we see this whole string of competent incompetencies from our most trusted servants, it’s all by design from higher up. There’s nothing the rank and file can do, or are prepared to do, or they lose the means for paying of the second income. Link.


The story then pans out as any classic Laurel and Hardy movie might under such circumstances. Link. It’s a real cacophony of mishaps and letting offs. The poor girl is trying to move further with it, but obviously many a mickle makes a muckle, as me da would say. The whole article is just one big brainwashing event gone wrong. The Jews now are so desperate to promote any story, and without them being at all culpable, ie they could report real news so that we can actually get on with the job in hand of creating an actual future for Our country. Link, link.

I hope I’ve covered at least the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to Jewish brainwashing tactics by virtue of the current mis-media, using Wilhelm Reich’s “Mass Psychology of Fascism” as the operator’s manual. Link, link, link.

T May.jpg


Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. ~ Sun Tsu Art of War.


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