A Tribute To My Teacher – Ernst Zundel


After travelling almost the globe over I was fortunate enough to be pointed in the direction of Ernst’s videos explaining the culander like holes missing in the “Holocaust” fairy story of the Jewish people. En masse they are constantly proclaiming, not only, the earth’s debt to them, but also God’s too. It’s a golden ticket that they care not to face off to anyone who has the measure of their golden cow. I was very impressed by Ernst’s wonderful way of teaching. A dynamic character who simply stated facts and got out of the way of any personality trappings to present them clearly and sequentially.

I myself have gone out of my way with constant, constant research to give Jews favour. Unfortunately, I have always been drawn to the same conclusion about their antics as a species apart from people I’ve encountered the world over. There is nothing whatsoever that I have met that has anything in common at all with how Jews function, individually and collectively. Ernst, on the other hand, is exactly the type of man who I would honestly say, with hand on heart, is a decent type. Without prejudice to anyone else, he’s just a simple man dealing with things in a simple way. I totally can get his conclusions as they follow logic, they follow history, and mostly they follow what knowledge I have of both National Socialists and of the German People.

I’m certainly not a man who is timid to speak out for truth, as demonstrated by this blog which is now 4 years on and read in over 140 countries world wide. I think I have a fair assessment of life having been through the ZOG world, chewed up and spat out with not so much as a buy your leave. Je Suis Ernst, and not even. His powerful mind showed me a new way to think about the eternal subject whereby to deny his presentations would effectively render me an idiot. I thank Ernst for all his life’s work and know that I, and others, are most definitely infinitely better people for encountering his life experiences explained by him in his many brilliant hours explaining the conclusions of his masterful research.

Thank you my teacher, I shall never forget you and will always honour your memory. Good night and God bless, please rest in peace in heaven forever and ever. Link. Here is the great lecture by Our great teacher that convinced me that my instinct to believe in defending the National Socialists was indeed an instinct to be followed. Link. I think like many people in this Zio-Marxist mind warp that keeping Our European culture from us has been of the greatest crime to humanity ever in the history of the planet. Go see your friends Ernst. Heaven has gained another Angel with your presence.





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