The Anti-Family Unit: A Zio-Marxist Racket (((Except for their families)))


Obviously, something is not at all right with the world. Without any animosity towards other people then getting our own house in order is becoming a priority. In order to understand the requirements of what’s needed to fix the one and only problem facing us. That of unity over division, as we have now. “Division is our unity” – Mossad.

I like to play with the concepts, as proposed by William Shakespeare, that we’re all actors on the stage. Well, any actor worth his salt, I expect, would be aware of the other actors feelings, thoughts, perspectives and attitudes, as well as a consideration of what can be learnt, learned for my American readers, and what ideas can be shared for another’s educating also. Isn’t this why we’re here, to elevate each other through intellectual stimulation and spiritual nourishments?

Look at the many, many young people now using certain drugs to enhance their life experience. The rhetorical answer is in the implied question. It doesn’t take that much brain power to work out that a dependent for artificial stimulus is being without the correct stimulus of natural life. In years gone by, people would meet for a sing song, a dance and a chat. Link. The idea of being social creatures is a very real and true thing. We simply are creatures who are social by nature, except Jews, obviously. Jews are born saboteurs, assassins, sly and deviously minded. Life can be fun, and I believe it’s a duty to protect that, and make sure it’s the best fun too. Link. Link.

mossad 9 11

Who the hell do these criminals think they are? Yes, they’ve gotten away with so much while we’ve been busily working away providing for their criminal minded escapades. Even through 2 world wars and still never is never enough for them. They’ve thrown the baby out with the bathwater here though. There’s no way a few hoodlums, when the size of the population of the earth is considered, they are but a few. There’s no way a handful of hoodlums can be continuing on with this tirade of devilish behaviour. Many decent people have said they’re just sitting back relaxing waiting for the moments when the military, the civil service and the police have finally had enough, band together and simply remove these villains out from the offices they have no justification being in.

Basically everything can be viewed from an economic standpoint. Literally everyone has x amount of revenue available. Even sports stars and celebrities are limited by their incomes. Therefore, the lifestyles are reflected by the amounts they have access too. With the credit card mentality of a lot of people, they hock their lives away. As we’re creatures of habit, they get used to that, and then go on the run, or go to jail. Even though there’s no debtors prisons any more, there’s also no law, and when sought, a conniving lawyer will get his goal. So, for instance has anyone reckoned how many criminals are incarcerated for victimless crimes? How about that everyone in the jailhouse had a lawyer representing them?

All of our constitutions derive from the nature, otherwise what is the point? Nature was here a long time before us. Now it is a savage nature to want to be promiscuous with sex, flirty with drugs, rob, steal and rape others, including economic rape. There’s nothing of anything worthwhile having if it isn’t for good use. Much of what we’re being given by those who we pay to run our lives, is of inferior standard and only subject to their quality control.


As people budget around what they perceive as being the be all and end all of the possibilities for options to make their lives of enhanced value, incomes paid in Jewish money, aka debt notes/credit. They fall and turn to the quick fix, easy to get cocaine, prescription tablets or such like substance abusing. The trapdoors are everywhere, and oh so cohenveniently set. The teaching of how to slowly set oneself up to being immune to this Jewish psychological war method onslaught is our tragedy, yet definitely worthwhile and doable. It is the life of some alive and having this awesome adventure chasing up the robbers who have literally killed a quarter of a billion innocent civilians. Hunting the Jewish pirates the hell out of it. Link.


Finding out in life that everything you knew is a lie, is soon cured when you learn that it’s Jews who work tirelessly night and day to promulgate that lie. It’s more like a root system of lies that spring further lies. So, you end up in a forest of lies, and dealing with others who are also in their forests of lies. Luckily patterns are easier to spot from a broader view, but try telling people who haven’t yet begun nurturing those broader views, and you trigger all the emotional triggers set in place by the Jewish brainwashing media war machine. Link.




Just because we can have a beautiful life without Jews, then Jews have to ruin everything. Not that they can share with others, or be with others, that might compromise their Jewishness. God forbid they should sully themselves so far as to let the goy stray from the Noahide Laws. Good luck to them, because what’s erupting down the pipe is gathering so much momentum that Jews may find that a whirlwind will look slow motion to how this is all going to pan out for them. It really is Jew v Gentile in this age old argument between Good and Evil. I’ll leave you to decide which is which, oy vey anti Semitism!

Love goes toward love as school-boys from their books, But love from love, toward school with heavy looks.” – William Shakespeare. Love your Race, Love your People!




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